How To Steal The Paintings In Payday 3

For all the fancy security that you’ll have to bypass, Under The Surphaze is one of the most straightforward heists in Payday 3. You need to steal four specific paintings, plus any others that you can get away with. The more loot that’s in the escape vehicle at the end, the bigger your payout will be!



Stealth isn’t necessary in Under The Surphaze, but the longer you can go undetected, the easier it will be to escape with the goods. Read on to find out everything you need to know about knocking over this trendy Brooklyn gallery.

How To Get Into The Galleries

the centerpiece of the surphaze art gallery in payday 3

Entering the museum requires picking one or more locks leading into the garden, then evading cameras and guards to reach the main entrance. Once somebody is inside, they can unlock side doors to allow entry for the rest of the team.

The Surphaze Art Gallery consists of seven exhibition halls, numbered E1 through E7. E1, E2, and E3 are on the first floor, and the other four are on the second floor. Each hall is clearly labeled in bright colors on the wall.

The exhibition halls have cameras inside – be ready to destroy them quickly with a silenced weapon when you enter!

Entering an exhibition hall requires a QR code, which can be gotten from the phones lying around the building. Each phone will unlock one gallery of your choice.

There are always phones in the four staff rooms upstairs – the manager’s office, security room, IT room, and break room. You can also find a phone in one of the cabinets in the storage room to the left of the main entrance.

The remaining phones are randomly distributed around the main areas of the gallery. Check behind counters and other places where only employees would typically go.

How To Disable The Security Bars

the player stands in an ar circle to disable a security hot spot in payday 3

Each floor has its own security system, so you’ll need to disable both floors’ security to get all the necessary paintings. Look for a black panel on the wall; Shade will highlight it when a player first reaches a required painting, but if you find it early you can disable it then.

After accessing the panel, several hot spots will appear around the floor you’re trying to disable. A player need to stand in a hot spot for several seconds to progress the hack; once several hot spots have been accessed, all the security bars on that floor will open.

Try to get someone upstairs to the security room before attempting this; eliminating the cameras goes a long way to prevent your team from being found out.

Once the bars are gone, you can cut open the glass around the paintings they were protecting; there are three in each gallery, including any objectives.

How To Find The Right Paintings

the player steals shooting gallery redux by greg jud from surphaze art gallery in payday 3

The first painting that you need to steal, Shooting Gallery Redux, is always in Exhibit Hall E1. It portrays a golden face, and always has an objective marker, but you may as well just steal every painting in the room.

The positions of the remaining paintings are semi-randomized; you can either empty out each gallery to make sure you get what you need, or check the manager’s computer to find out which exhibition halls to target.

The next pair of paintings that you need to steal has blood mixed with the paint, which will appear under a blacklight. Simply walk up to a painting and your character will automatically shine a light on the canvas; if it glows, it’s the one you need.

How To Steal The Feejee Mermaid

the spectrophotometer confirms that a copy of the feejee mermaid is not authentic in payday 3

The Feejee Mermaid is the final piece that you need to steal; specifically, you need to get the original, since the artist made two copies. They are in separate exhibit halls, but are visually identical, depicting a cube on a beach.

Do not attempt to steal The Feejee Mermaid if you find it early, unless you have completed all the steps detailed below!

Once the security bars are disabled, you’ll need two more tools to steal The Feejee Mermaid. First, visit the manager’s office and open the wooden panel under the clock behind the desk. Crack the safe inside and steal the USB drive you find. Grab the cash in the safe while you’re at it.

Next, go to the IT room and take the spectrophotometer on the tripod in the corner. It’s heavy, so you can’t pick it up if you’re carrying loot or a body.

Cut the glass in front of one of the copies of The Feejee Mermaid, then place the spectrophotometer on the ground in front of it. A progress bar on the device’s screen will start to fill. When it’s done, the screen will display whether the piece is authentic or not.

Once you’ve found the authentic copy, have the player with the USB drive – and only the player with the USB drive – collect the painting. If anybody else tries to take it before the USB drive has been inserted, the security system will destroy the painting.

The USB drive can only be used once; if you use it on the fake copy, you will be unable to get the authentic one without destroying it.

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