How To Start The Secret Quests In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Uncover all the secrets of Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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There are dozens of quests to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but not all of them are clear at first. The mysteries surrounding the village are yours to uncover, as are the numerous friendships you will forge. Aside from the regular daily duties and Friendship Quests, you’ll find hidden objectives to complete as you play.



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Not every quest is easily found, but with a little help, you can discover all the secrets the valley has to offer. With these secrets come new rewards and deeper friendships for you to enjoy. Explore all that the valley has to offer and make it your own.

How To Start Hidden Quests

Talking to Merlin about Remy's Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are plenty of mysteries in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and not all of them come with instructions on how to start them. Many quests are related to friendship levels with different characters, but these quests have different prerequisites.

Here’s every hidden quest and how to start it:

Quest Name

How To Start

A Very Magical Minnie

This quest begins when you find a magical book in the Plaza. Picking it up will initiate the quest, though the location is random based on your valley’s layout.

Secrets & Schemes

This quest begins when you find a sparkling note in the valley. When you pick it up, the quest will be trackable.

A Three-Course Thank You

To unlock this quest, you’ll need to have unlocked the Forest of Valor and brought Remy to your realm. You’ll need to search the Forest of Valor for a small bundle of ingredients, which you’ll need to bring to Remy.

The Broken Memory

When performing any activity in your valley, like clearing Night Thorns, you may come across WALL-E’s memory shard. The item will only drop after you reach Friendship Level Six with WALL-E and unlock the Forest of Valor.

Between Skull Rock And A Hard Place

After completing The Dark Castle quest, you’ll need to retrieve the Orb of Unity from inside the castle.

How To Start Each Potato Quest

The avatar outside of Scrooge's Shop in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In addition to the hidden quests, there are unique “potato quests” in the valley that are not trackable. You’ll have to track your progress yourself, but luckily, we’ve detailed the steps for you to unlock a special companion.

You must find the Golden Potato first before the other potatoes will spawn in your valley.

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