How To Solve The Mechanical Cryptic Vessel In Lies of P

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The Mechanical Cryptic Vessel isn’t likely to be the first Cryptic Vessel you encounter in Lies Of P, but it may just be your last. Like the other Vessels in the game, the object is to track down the location that is hinted at by the Vessel. Though there is a catch; by the time you encounter this Cryptic Vessel you may have already locked yourself out of its reward.



RELATED: Lies Of P: How To Solve The Jeweled Cryptic VesselThis guide will walk you through the process of finding the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel to tracking down the treasure’s location. We’ll throw some hints in for how to circumvent some of the tougher enemies along the way as well!

Where To Find The Mechanical Cryptic Vessel

Lies Of P, Mechanical Vessel, The chest with the Mechanical Cylinder inside

The Mechanical Cryptic Vessel is located inside a treasure chest inside of the Arche Abbey. Teleport to the Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer, head through the archway and travel straight until you hit a wall. Take a right down a set of stairs, then head straight again until you hit another wall. Now, take another right and in the corner of the room you will find a ladder. Climb it, take a right, and then once you hit a dead end, take a left. Voilà, you will see your treasure chest!

Lies of P, Combat Guide, Enemies fighting each other

You will encounter quite a few nasty mutated Puppets on your way to the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. However, you can absolutely sprint past them. Once you climb the ladder, you can run straight past the monstrosity, take a left, then take another left, travel up the stairs, and you will run smack dab into one of those tough Jester Puppets. At this point, you will have two pretty tough mutants on your butt, but once they see the Jester, they will duke it out and leave you alone. Snazzy!

P giving the Rusty Cryptic Vessel to Venigni for decryption Lies of P

From here, the only thing left is to bring the Vessel to Venigni in Hotel Krat and have him decipher it for you.

How To Solve The Mechanical Cryptic Vessel

Lies Of P, Mechanical Vessel, Beginning the journey to the merchant

Lies Of P, Mechanical Vessel, Holding the Frozen Feast sword

First and foremost, there we may have some bad news for you… If you exchanged the Reborn Champion’s Ergo for the Arm of God Amulet instead of the Frozen Feast, you are out of luck. The Merchant will tell you to scram if you don’t have the Frozen Feast equipped when you talk to them.

Head to the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer. From here, climb the stairs, run past the merchant, then cross over the gap using the fallen sign. Now, you will see a set of stairs leading you through an opened gate, travel on the path to the left of the gate.

Lies Of P, Mechanical Vessel, The stone bridge

You will find a makeshift stone bridge on your left just a few feet from the gate. Cross over it, take a right, and head through the archway. From here, go straight, then, once you hit the wall, take a left. This will take you up a set of stairs. Just follow them around, and you will reach the merchant holding your valuables. Make sure you have the Frozen Feast equipped!

Lies Of P, Mechanical Vessel, The merchant

As a reward, you will obtain a Quartz Crystal, and the Red Fox’s Attire!

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