How To Solve The Flying Device Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has shrines dotted throughout Hyrule for you to discover, each with a puzzle inside. The Blessings of Light you acquire as reward are great, and the puzzles serve as wonderful distractions from Link’s lofty quest.



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One of these shrines is located in the sky, within an ever-shifting ball that never drops to the ground. Fittingly, Jirutagumac Shrine’s puzzle has you dealing with flying devices, something you’ll be intimately familiar with by the time you reach this location – even if the flying device in question is sometimes just a Paraglider.

Updated September 27, 2023: We’ve cleaned this article up a little and added some specifics about the puzzle contained within the shrine to make sure things are clear.

How To Complete Jirutagumac Shrine: A Flying Device

Tears of the Kingdom - Jirutagumac Shrine - The puzzle room

Rather than being separated into multiple different rooms as many of the shrines in Tears of the Kingdom are, Jirutagumac Shrine’s puzzle is located entirely within one massive room.

When you walk in, you’ll be confronted with two Wing devices and three separate ramps that you’re expected to use with them.

The puzzle in this shrine involves taking one of the Wing devices and adding parts to it as you progress through the shrine, ensuring that you can reach the end.

Tears of the Kingdom - Jirutagumac Shrine - Placing a wing on a ramp

Use Ultrahand to place one of the Wing devices on the left-hand ramp, and hop on before it flies away. Really, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get on it for this section, as you can just glide over the gap yourself, but it’s embarrassing to see your vehicle fly off without you.

The important thing is making sure the Wing makes it over to the other side.

This next platform has Cart devices spawning constantly and rolling down the ramp. This ramp has no rails, so you’ll need to use Ultrahand to place the Wing device you brought over on top of a Cart.

This will allow the Wing device to gather momentum on the ramp and reach the opposite side over the gap.

Tears of the Kingdom - Jirutagumac Shrine - A fan on a wing

The third and final platform has Fan devices on it. Take one of these and place it on the back of your Cart/Wing vehicle.

Place it at the beginning of the long runway that points towards the shrine exit, and then activate the Fan. This will send your flying device down the runway with enough momentum to reach the exit.

Be sure you stand at the back of the Wing so that it isn’t angled downward, otherwise, there’s a chance you could send the device too low to reach the exit.

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