How To Solve The Berry Puzzle At The Temple In Detective Pikachu Returns

The second case in Detective Pikachu Returns is The Fabled Aurora, which mostly takes place inside the Southern Temple. It doesn’t seem all that related to the main case at first, since it’s mainly about rescuing researcher Trevor Gordon, but his expertise is important for the overall mystery, and when you try to help him out you’ll also meet some shady agents linked to the main conspiracy.



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Before this though, you’ll need to figure out how to get in at all. While the first mechanism is fairly simple, the next couple may trip you up, but we’re here to keep you (and Tim and Pikachu) on the straight and narrow.

How To Open The Temple Doors

When you first arrive, you’ll chat to Chris Honor, Gordon’s assistant, who will tell you Gordon is locked inside the temple. Investigate the doors and there are three things to find. The footprints on the tree to the left, the doors themselves, and the switch to the bottom right. For the interviews, Chris is no help, but ask Munchlax about Gordon, then about the other Pokemon.

Go down the left path leading away from the temple, and Passimian will drop out when you interact with the tree. Ask him about Gordon, and he will tell you Gordon was climbing the tree. This will lead to a cutscene where Pikachu climbs the tree and sees the switch.

Tell Pikachu the key is the tile with the unique design, which Tim then steps on. Deduce that you need to press both switches, and you’ll be inside.

What To Give To The Statues

The mural room with the sweet yellow and sour blue paintings in Detective Pikachu Returns

Head through to the temple in a straight line and grab Gordon’s handkerchief, though it won’t be much use. Interact with the statue (just one is enough), then the Aegislash relief on the back wall. Deduce that Gordon went through the wall, and now you need to figure out how to open the door, which is where the statues come in.

Leave this room and head to the left. Here, you’ll find Slowpoke, but more importantly, there are two paintings on the wall. To the left, Passimian has a sweet, yellow fruit, and to the right, Passimian has a sour, blue fruit.

Interact with Slowpoke until you pull him out, then exhaust the conversation options. Interact with the paintings, and the ice in the middle, then deduce that you need to give berries to the statues.

What Berries Do The Statues Need?

Pikachu eating Shuca Berries in Detective Pikachu Returns

The sweet, yellow berries are Shuca Berries, which are on the tree to the left of the temple – the same one Passimian fell out of. As for the sour, blue berries, you need Yache Berries, in a tree to the far right of the temple. Not the tree just outside to the right, but down the path away and to the right, next to the lake. Deduce both of these solutions to lock them in.

For the middle statue, you first need to talk to Monferno near the Yache tree and ask what it’s good at. Deduce that you can get it to melt the ice on the middle mural, which reveals you need a red, spicy berry. Don’t bother looking for one though, instead talk to Chris by the temple door again.

Ask him about the berries, and he’ll tell you there are no Tamato Berries, which are red and spicy. However, if you then deduce that you need Tamato Berries, you can then ask Chris for a substitute. He’ll suggest the curry, an apple, or some snacks. Choose the curry, deduce that you can use the curry, and you will have all you need to follow Gordon into the temple.

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