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When reaching for greatness, humanity can sometimes bite off more than it can chew. In Starfield, the joys of spacefaring are balanced with more serious moments, when actions have consequences. While Constellation is still reeling from the events of “High Price To Pay,” you’ll be able to continue your main quest by looking into the meaning of Unity.



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When you are able to return to the Lodge, Noel will tell you that after talking with the others, she wants to hold a memorial for your fallen comrade. This initiates a small additional main quest called “Missed Beyond Measure.”

How To Wait For The Memorial

Standing in front of a bed, you can choose to wait for a certain amount of time.

Talk with Noel in the Lodge to hear her plans for the memorial to the fallen Constellation member. She will give you five days in-game to prepare for the memorial. During this time, you can leave the Lodge and even the planet, if you want. Just as long as you come back on the fifth day.

However, you can quickly skip the five days leading to the memorial by going to your room at the Lodge. Sleep in your bed, and you will “wake up” the day of the memorial.

At this point you also have the option of skipping the memorial completely, either by sleeping for another day, or just leaving the Lodge.

How To Complete Missed Beyond Measure

Vasco speaks to you, trying to comfort you during a memorial.

Walk to the main area of the Lodge, and you’ll find all the surviving members of Constellation gathering around. You can listen to a few members saying their condolences and some words of comfort, and you’ll even have the opportunity to say a few words yourself in front of Constellation.

After you speak, you can talk with everyone that is attending the memorial. It’s moments like these where the emotional core of Starfield really shines, so if you’ve made it this far, you should talk with those you can.

You can also “talk” with the memorial easel that displays the portrait of your fallen companion. Plus, if you do this, it will add quest markers for all the Constellation members in the Lodge that you can still talk to.

Also attending the memorial is Aja Mamasa, the former chair of Constellation. Talk to her to learn some more backstory about the organization, and even some history of your fallen companion that you might not know.

At any point during the memorial, with or without talking to the others, you can leave the Lodge to officially end the quest. Doing so will reward you with some experience points.

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