How To Romance Venti In My Time At Sandrock

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My Time At Sandrock shines at having great characters with deep backgrounds. Each Sandrocker is a different world; we have cowboys thriving for justice and care for the town, others who work tirelessly to protect their family, and others who don’t reveal that much at first sight but end up having an exciting past, like Venti.




My Time At Sandrock: Pen Romance Guide

Loud, confident, arrogant, and fun, here’s what you need to know about romancing Pen in My Time at Sandrock.

Venti is a sturdy miner; she’s always working hard, but unlike the rocks she destroys, she has a big heart and is full of love. Romancing Venti is not that hard; you must be attentive to her. It still requires a little work though, so here’s how to mine your way to her heart.

Who Is Venti?

Venti standing in the Scrapyard in My Time at Sandrock.


Summer 12


162 cm


55 kg



Reverse Confession

Dating: Yes

Marriage: Yes

There’s not much information about Venti when you first meet her; you can deduce at first sight that she’s pretty kind and a hard worker. But when you get to know Venti, you’ll discover she’s not from Sandrock, and life hasn’t been kind to her. She comes from Baja, a giant junkyard where she had to fight for her food, as she has said during several missions and side quests.

She escaped from there and headed to Sandrock, trying to get enough funds to buy a big house in Baja and protect herself, her family, and her friends.

In Sandrock, Venti works in Eufaula Salvage, where you can mine to get scraps, ores, and materials to build. She loves anything related to the scrapyard, and working there is her passion, so most of her interactions with you are about the ruins, scraps, and her job in the mines. This gives you a strong idea of the perfect gifts you can give her.

Venti’s Friends

Venti chatting with the player in My Time At Sandrock.

Aside from you, when you manage to be her friend, her only real friends in Sandrock are Rocky and Crystal, both owners of the Eufaula Salvage and her bosses.

What Are Venti’s Relation Perks?

Venti’s Relation Perks are related to your health and stamina, both ideal for demanding work days at the mine.


Sends gifts through the mail sometimes


Add an extra 100 health points

Best Friend

Gain five points of stamina

What Can Venti Gift You?

This is what Venti can send you via mail on your birthday or sometimes if you unlock her buddy perk:

Associate to Friend

Melon Mousse (x2) or Sand Tea Noodles (x2)

Good Friend to Best Friend

Dew Collector (x1) or Gold (x3)

Romantic Relationship

Rustic Storage Cabinet (x1) or Sweet And Sour Fried Fish (x1)

Where Can You Find Venti In Sandrock?

Venti chatting with the player in My Time At Sandrock.

You’ll usually find Venti on the hill between Eufaula Salvage and your house. She’ll also spend a lot of time in Eufaula Salvage and the scrapyard.

Does Venti Have Side Quests?

Venti hugging the player in My Time At Sandrock.

Venti only has four side quests, which are important if you want to pull a reverse confession from her:

Venti’s Night Out

In this quest, Venti invites you to a late-night scrap salvaging for free. You must accept the invitation; otherwise, you won’t unlock the rest of the quests. Then, you have to meet with her at the scrapyard’s main entrance at 23:00.

Another Night Out

This quest starts the same way as the previous one; she’ll invite you to the scrapyard. You have to accept, then wait until 23:00 and go there. After the scrap salvaging session, both will sit down and see the stars while casually talking. To get a reverse confession, you must choose all the romantic dialogue options.

Another Another Night Out

Exactly like the previous two quests, Venti will invite you to the scrapyard, so accept, wait until it’s 23:00, and reach the place. Instead of salvaging scrap, Rocky will catch both you and Venti in the act, kicking Venti out of the scrapyard. The quest ends there.

Venti Cup Of Sadness

This quest takes place the day after the previous one. Rocky will appear at the door of your house, and he’ll ask you to talk with Venti as she’s sad because of what happened last night. You’ll have another interaction with Venti, where you must choose the romantic dialogue options to ensure she becomes your girlfriend.

Which Gifts Should You Give To Venti?

Venti speaking as she receives a gift from the player in My Time at Sandrock.

All characters have loved gifts, including Venti, but sometimes, they are hard to get, or you can put your hands on them once during your playthrough, and the reward in exchange for that exclusivity isn’t good enough. So, below, you’ll see a table with the easiest yet well-rewarding items you can give to Venti.

Giving gifts is sometimes not enough to romance Venti, as you have to do some extra activities with her as well.

Here’s a guide that dives into how to romance Sandrock citizens quickly.

Loved Gifts

Leisurely Rattan Tea Table (+18 RP)

You need the gardening kit, an intermediate worktable (you’ll find the recipe via Qi’s researching machine) and complete the mission “In Trusses We Trust” to unlock all the necessary materials.

Fresh Display Closet (+17 RP)

Like in the previous item, complete “In Trusses We Trust,” then start unlocking the recipe for a Civil Furnace, so you can craft Tempered Glass. The rest of the requirements to craft the Fresh Display Closet are easy to find.

Hemp Carpet (+17 RP)

You need a Tailoring Machine for this item. Then, buy the recipe for the Twine. Then, try to get some Jute and buy Rough Cloth pieces or craft them with Yakmel Hair and Plant Fiber.

Opal (+13 RP)

You can find and collect Opal in the terrain you unlock after completing the mission “In Trusses We Trust”.

Liked Gifts

Iron Pickhammer and Axe (+10 RP each)

Venti highly rewards iron tools, but you’ll put your hand on iron materials mid-way through the game.

Bronze Pickhammer and Axe (+9 RP each)

These are easy to craft and don’t require much material besides the Sharpening Stones.

Fang Special (+7 RP)

These are medicines you can buy at Fang’s medicine shop.

Mechanical Scrap, Wooden Scrap, Rubber Scrap, Cooper Scrap (+6 / +5 RP)

You can buy these at Eufaula Salvage or gather them from the scrapyard and around your house. These are the easiest gifts to give her if you aren’t in a hurry or short in Gols.

RP = Relationship Points.

Gifts To Avoid Giving Venti

Venti doesn’t have many dislikes. Avoid giving her Manure, Lizard Tooth or Venom, and you’ll be fine.


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