How To Reset Meta Quest 3

Performing a full factory reset can be an extremely useful troubleshooting technique for persistent performance issues, completely wiping your Meta Quest 3 prior to selling or gifting it, or simply giving your headset a fresh start. Executing a factory reset completely restores the device to its original out-of-box software settings and permanently clears all locally stored user data.



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In this detailed guide, we’ll go through some recommended scenarios where a factory reset makes sense, how to properly back up any critical data prior to resetting, the step-by-step buttons to press for the factory reset process itself, and how to smoothly handle post-reset reconfiguration of your device. Read on to find out!

When Should You Factory Reset Your Quest 3?

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Before we dig into the reset process itself, let’s check out some common scenarios where a factory reset makes sense:

  • Troubleshooting technical issues: A factory reset should not be the first troubleshooting step, but it can go a long way in resolving serious software issues when your standard options fail. For example, resetting often fixes otherwise unexplainable glitches like frozen screens, controller pairing failures, or guardian boundary errors.
  • Before selling: If you are passing your Quest 3 to a friend or family member or selling it secondhand, you’ll want to wipe all personal data and start fresh. Factory resetting removes all your stored apps, settings, save files and usage history, letting the next user start with a blank slate. Doing this is going to protect your privacy.
  • Preparing for repairs: If you need to send your Quest 3 to Meta for repair, they may request a factory reset be done beforehand as part of the diagnostic process. This gives technicians a clean software slate to identify issues, and a massive speed bump for the repairs. This is because doing a reset can isolate whether the problems are originating from hardware faults or software bugs, based on post-reset behavior. Starting fresh prevents any user data from inadvertently corrupting the repair process as well.
  • General performance refresh: Much like reformatting an old hard drive, resetting a Quest 3 clears out accumulated digital junk slowing things down. Over time, old logs, cached files, and other cruft bogs down storage and performance. A reset erases all temporary system data and user content, flushing away useless clutter. This allows the OS to run smoothly again with plenty of free space, just like a fresh installation.

However, it’s important to understand a standard reboot is not the same as a factory reset when it comes to addressing software issues. You don’t always have to go for a reset, simply powering your Quest 3 off and back on often clears active memory and resets current processes. But when you face unexplainable issues that just defy basic troubleshooting, the nuclear option of factory resetting may just end up coming in handy.

What Data Will Be Removed During Reset?

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When factory resetting, understand that absolutely everything stored locally on your Quest 3 will be wiped out permanently, including:

  • All installed apps and games, along with any save files or in-app data they’ve stored
  • Account login credentials and any stored payment info
  • Downloaded or synced media like videos, images, or music
  • Multiplayer trophy data and achievement progress
  • Environment/ guardian data and custom playspace setups
  • Sideloaded or developer mode content
  • Custom settings adjustments you’ve made

So before proceeding, be sure to back up any game progress or data you may want to restore later. The apps can always be reinstalled from the store, though your save states won’t carry over post-reset. Use tools like the “App Sharing and Oculus Go Data” settings pane to selectively transfer photos, videos, and other files off the headset if necessary. Cloud save support does exist for some titles, which could sync progress, so check with the developer of apps you use heavily that support this feature.

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Before Doing The Reset

Here’s a couple of things you need to go over before actually getting into the reset:

Save Irreplaceable Media

Prior to factory resetting, manually transfer any precious photos, videos, or important media files from your Quest 3 to a thumb drive or a hard disk for safekeeping. Use the mobile app or a connected PC to upload this personal content you wouldn’t want to lose. This may sound like a redundant option because you can always just pull a cloud backup but trust us, it’s just better to be safe with an offline copy sometimes.

Check for Cloud Game Saves

For frequently played apps or games, check online documentation and in-game settings to confirm if the title supports cloud saving to preserve your gameplay progress. Cloud saving periodically syncs your in-game achievements, levels, stats and other data to the online storage linked to your Meta account. This allows restoring progress after reinstalling the app post-reset.

Document Custom Configurations

Over time, you may have personalized various system settings like controller bindings, guardian parameters, interface options, etc. These are settings you’re used to, and they do not get transferred with your backups. And then, you’re just gonna have a helluva time figuring out all those controls again. Save yourself the trouble and make a list of any non-default tweaks you’ve manually configured, so you can smoothly recreate your preferred setup after the reset. Screenshot customized settings pages if needed for easy reference.

Inventory Owned Software

Make a list of all paid games, apps, and media you’ve purchased on your headset’s library over time. This allows easily finding and re-downloading previously bought content post-reset rather than needing to buy items again. Don’t worry, your ownership remains valid after resetting, but it still helps to have a list, so you know what to reinstall.

Clean Reboot Before Reset

Before factory resetting, fully power cycle your Quest 3 by shutting down, waiting a minute, then restarting. This clears any software cobwebs before resetting and ensures hardware initializes cleanly, avoiding interruptions that could taint the reset process. A fresh reboot reduces anomaly risks.

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As it turns out, doing the factory reset itself is a fairly simple process that only requires a few button presses. Allow us to break down the steps to do so:

  1. Before starting, ensure your Quest 3 is powered off fully if it isn’t already. Press and hold the power button, then select “Power Off” from the menu that appears.
  2. Wait at least 60 seconds after shutting down before proceeding. This gives time for background processes to halt and memory to clear completely, avoiding any chance of corruption during the imminent reset procedure.
  3. To initiate the factory reset, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Keep holding both buttons firmly as the boot up sequence begins.
  4. Continue holding the buttons down until after about 10 seconds, you feel a vibration in the headset and see the Oculus boot logo appear on-screen. This indicates the reset command was received. Now release both buttons.
  5. The headset display will switch to an Oculus logo as the reset process starts, wiping all user data. Do not power off the headset during this critical step. Give it a minute and wait for the reset to complete.
  6. After a bit, the reset will finish, and you’ll be greeted with a “Welcome” screen, starting the initial out-of-box setup prompts. Follow the on-screen instructions to reconfigure your freshly reset Quest 3 from scratch.

And that’s all it takes to fully factory reset your Quest 3! The key is pressing the right button combo during boot up – Power + Volume Down for 10+ seconds until vibration. All you need to do is time this combination right, and you should be good to go.

What To Expect After Factory Resetting

Once the reset finishes, your Quest 3 will boot up freshly like it’s brand new out of the box. The initial setup wizard will launch to walk you through basic reconfiguration from scratch. You’ll be prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network, pairing your controllers, logging into your Meta account, setting up guardian boundaries, and installing major system updates. Follow all the on-screen setup instructions carefully just like when you first got your Quest. You know the drill.

All of your installed applications, games, and any synced media content will now be gone. The headset storage is wiped clean with only pre-installed base apps remaining. You’ll need to re-download previously purchased apps, movies, and whatnot from the Meta store and re-log into each app individually.

Unfortunately any game progress not synced to the cloud will be reset, meaning you’ll most likely need to start over in many games and re-earn unlockables. On the plus side, the headset’s performance should feel fresh and snappy again with all settings returned to factory defaults and free of any cached files wasting storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a factory reset delete my Facebook account or Messenger data on my Quest 3?

No, resetting your Quest 3 does not delete or affect your Facebook account profile or Messenger data. The factory reset process only wipes data local to the headset itself, including apps, games, media files, and VR usage history. Your Facebook username, password, friend connections, and any messages remain completely intact and will sync back down once you log into your account again post-reset. The reset does not touch anything on Facebook’s cloud servers, only data physically stored on the headset is erased.

Can I reset certain apps or games individually rather than the entire Quest 3?

Unfortunately, there is no way to selectively reset or wipe data from only certain apps while leaving everything else untouched. The factory reset is an all-or-nothing process that restores the entire Quest software environment to blank slate condition.

The only granular control is optionally backing up save data or media files app-by-app prior to resetting via sideloading tools. But the reset itself will completely wipe all locally stored content across every app universally. There is no capability to target individual apps.

Is there any risk of getting banned by Meta for repeated factory resets of my Quest 3?

Not at all. There are no limits or restrictions imposed on how many times you can factory reset your own Quest 3, even consecutively. Resetting is an officially sanctioned troubleshooting step for technical issue, and Meta understands users may need to try resetting multiple times to fix problems. Which is why there are no red flags or account penalties triggered by any number of resets. Feel free to go bananas with the resets! But you know, not too much, cause what’s that going to do anyway.

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