How To Reduce Encumbrance In Lords Of The Fallen

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In Lords Of The Fallen, your character requires armor to enhance their defensive abilities, allowing them to endure enemy attacks. Armor offers protection against various types of attacks, and you’ll come across numerous armor sets during the game. Although it might be tempting to go for the fashionable armor with the highest defense, it may not always be the wisest decision.



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This is because your character has an Encumbrance meter that reflects their weight. This meter is important to keep an eye on as it reflects on how your character performs in the game.

How Does Encumbrance Work?

An arrow showing the Encumbrance bar that indicates the player's weight in Lords of the Fallen

Weight is a secondary stat in Lords of the Fallen that reveals how much gear your character can carry, such as weapons, shields, and armor. You can keep an eye on this through the Encumbrance meter located in your character’s equipment menu to the left, right above their stats.

This meter has three levels: Light, Medium, and Heavy.

When your Encumbrance is at Light, your character moves quickly and dodges effectively, but sacrifices defense due to light armor’s limited protection. In Medium Encumbrance, which is the recommended setting, you strike a balance between speed and strong armor, offering good defense. The difference between Light and Medium is mainly about the armor you choose to wear that will affect the meter.

Remember, the weapon and shield you equip also impact this meter. So, if you wield a heavy weapon like a Grand Sword, you need to balance it with lighter armor.

Above all, steer clear of Heavy Encumbrance as it makes the game much more challenging. Your character moves notably slower, and in this game, that’s a significant drawback. Additionally, your dodging becomes sluggish, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks even while attempting to evade them.

How To Reduce Encumbrance

A picture showing the character menu with all the stats Lords of the Fallen

Fortunately, you can enhance your character’s weight capacity and thus improve the Encumbrance meter, allowing you to equip heavier weapons and armor.

To achieve this, you should invest in both Vitality and Endurance. While these stats don’t directly affect your weight, they do enhance it slightly with each level of upgrade. You’ll naturally level up these two stats as they boost your health and stamina, indirectly improving your character’s ability to carry heavier gear.

Maintaining a balanced build between your weapon and armor is crucial. Early in the game, you might need to choose between a lightweight weapon or lighter armor to keep your Encumbrance meter within Medium. However, as you progress through the game, this won’t be much of a problem.

For now, we only know of one ring that increases your equip load, which is the Ring of Bones. You can find this ring later in the game at the Sunless Skein.

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