How To Recruit Minsc In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a variety of NPCs and factions that you can recruit to help you in the final battle. One of these NPCs is the guild leader Nine-Fingers. You will need to help her with a specific problem before she’ll agree to help you. It seems she needs help fighting someone calling themselves The Stone Lord.



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By the end of the quest, you could end up with a colorful new party member. You can also do the Absolute a favor and backstab Nine-Fingers. Keep reading as we walk you through the Aid the Underduke quest line.

Visit Sharess’ Caress

Earspoon in Sharess' Caress in Baldur's Gate 3

To start the Aid the Underduke quest, fast-travel to Wyrm’s Crossing and head to the coordinates X:5 Y:75. This will take you into a building called Sharess’ Caress. There, you’ll find two shady characters discussing business at a table by the stairs.

When you talk to the NPC Earspoon, you’ll catch the name Nine-Fingers despite him talking in hushed tones with his associate. A DC 15 Persuasion check will allow you to listen in further.

Making the DC 10 detect thoughts check will allow you to easily convince him to tell you where Nine-Fingers is.

Talk To Nine-Fingers

Nine-Fingers with the player character in her office Baldur's Gate 3

You’ll need to go to the Guildhall, which can be a bit of a pain to find. Fast travel to Heapside Strand, and continue northeast until you see an NPC named Tusgront.

Making a DC 10 check will allow you to detect his thoughts and give you the option to tell him that you’re here to join the Zhentarim that are already inside. He’ll walk you over to the hidden entrance to the guild hall.

From this point onward, you’ll need Jahira in your party to move forward with this quest line.

Head to Nine-Finger’s office X: -35 Y: 775, and let Jahira do all the talking. You’ll learn that The Stone Lord’s true identity is Minsc. Nine-Fingers will tell you that she’s planning to take him out but won’t give you the details.

However, there is an NPC who will. Leave the office and find Tut Thistlebog in the Guildhall X: -15 Y: 740. A quick chat with him will tell you that The Stone Lord is at The Counting House.

Locate The Stone Lord

Minsc in teh counting house in Baldur's Gate 3

After leaving the Guildhall, go to X: 95 Y: 145. You’ll cross over a bridge and enter the set of double doors that lead into the Counting House.

Talk to the Head Clerk behind the desk to get a pass to enter the vaults. A DC 10 Intimidation or Persuasion check will be all it will take to get him to hand it over.

Show the guards standing at the locked gate the pass to go on through. Upon descending the stairs, you’ll face another pass check. Same as before, show the guard at the gate your pass to get through to the vault.

Continue down the steps and go through the big vault door. When you reach the end of the hallway, you’ll come across a puzzle. There are stone tiles on the floor that you’ll need to step on to keep moving forward. Ungroup your party and step on the tiles in this order:

  • Top left tile
  • Top right tile
  • Middle tile
  • Middle right tile

Once the door swings open, regroup your party and go through the passageway. After a quick cutscene, The Stone Lord will escape with a fake Jaheria.

Fight the Stone Lord’s minions with the help of The Counting House Staff and head down into the sewers.

Go To The Sewers

Jahira and Minsc in the sewers in Baldur's Gate 3

Fast-travel into the city sewers and head to the coordinates X: -165 Y: 880. You’ll enter the Abandoned Cistern, where you’ll see a giant pipe that’s just waiting for you to climb it.

When you do, you’ll have a combat encounter to deal with. Once the way is clear, you’ll find the Sluice Gate on the other side of the room on the ground level.

The gate is impossible to lock pick. The only way to open it is by interacting with the valves on the upper level.

There’s a water valve and a temperature valve. Interact with the water valve first. Once it’s at the perfect level, interact with the temperature valve.

When it reaches a perfectly warm temperature, the door will open, and you can pass through. After another quick cutscene, you’ll be thrown into a fight with Minsc, the fake Jahira, and a few minions.

For the sake of completing Jahira’s quest line and keeping her in the party, toggle on non-lethal damage at the start of the fight. You don’t want to kill Minsc, and you can always toggle it back off once he’s down.

After you’ve defeated all the enemies, loot the fake Jahira’s body.

There’s a note from Orin stating that the Zhentarim plan to overthrow Nine-Fingers and have her replaced with a Doppelganger. Chase after Minsc to recruit him and Boo before going back to the Guildhall.

Make Your Way Back To The Guildhall

Nine-Fingers after the fight in the Guildhall in Baldur's Gate 3

When you arrive at the Guildhall you’ll enter a cutscene with Roah Moonglow.

You can choose to backstab Nine-Fingers and work with the Zhentarim or fight the Zhentarim for the sake of having Nine-Fingers as an ally.

No matter which option you choose, a fight will break out that you can’t avoid.

Once you take down all the Zhentarim or guild members if you decide to betray Nine-Fingers, talk to the faction leader to finish up the quest and secure an ally for the final battle.

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