How To Put Dinosaurs To Sleep In Paleo Pines

If you want to study a dinosaur in Paleo Pines, you’ll need to find a way to put it to sleep…

Working with and around the dinosaurs of Paleo Pines is one of the most important features of the game – there are over 30 dinosaurs to meet and so many aspects of life that you’ll need to learn about to be able to take care of them. What they like to eat, how crowded they like to be, and even what sorts of skills they have.



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Luckily, you have a trusty journal with you. This handy book allows you to record all sorts of information about the dinosaurs you meet throughout the game. But how to go about recording that info? Let’s find out.

How To Study A Sleeping Styracosaurus

Recording info about a Styracosaurus from a sleeping one in Paleo Pines

Early on in the game, you will be prompted to find a sleeping Styracosaurus and study it using your journal. This will reveal a great deal of information about the dinosaur, such as what helpful skills it would let you use once tamed.

However, you won’t find a Styracosaurus asleep in the wild – instead, you’ll have to put it to sleep yourself. Don’t worry, this is an easy task.

Head to the path to your ranch – there are usually some Styracosauruses hanging out nearby. Take out your flute and play the Yoohoo song (tap the Red note three times in succession) whilst facing one of the dinos to get its attention.

Once you have the Styracosaurus’ attention, play its Friendship Song to enter the taming minigame. Here, click Soothe until the needle on the friendship bar gets all the way to the left. The dinosaur will get bored and fall asleep.

Now that the dino is asleep, you’ll be able to approach it with the journal in your hands and record its information, as you would with a plant or artifact. This will complete this quest objective and add the dinosaur’s info to your journal!

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