How To Play With Smoke In Mortal Kombat 1

After his notorious absence in the previous entry, Smoke makes a triumphant return in Mortal Kombat 1. The grey ninja is back and ready to let his enemies be confused with invisibility, wild mix-ups, and fantastic smoke bombs.



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If you’re looking for easy characters, Smoke might not be as welcoming as a Sub-Zero or a Scorpion, but he’s far from the top tier difficult characters in the game. Just by learning a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to start making your online rivals quit without much problem. Let’s jump into this guide and learn more about Smoke.

Smoke Overview

A photo of Smoke in the Photo Mode.

While we could argue that Mortal Kombat 1 is already a fighting game most focused on being aggressive, this is especially true for Smoke. This is a character that you want to use offensively as much as possible, without letting your rival catch a breath.

What makes Smoke stand out in the MK crowd is that, with a bit of practice, you can mess with your opponent’s blocking with a few moves. The thing is, Smoke has great kombo strings that mix low attacks and overheads, and vice versa, apart from special moves that look similar but attack in different directions.

Using these tools in unpredictable ways will be key to your success in victories. Plus, most of his beginner combos have generous windows, so it isn’t like you will need to learn really precise inputs — at least for your first steps.

Smoke Special Moves

Smoke stabbing Kenshi's head while he's on the floor.

Do you like appearing behind your enemy fast and in a flashy way? That’s great, because that’s one of the special moves we will use the most with Smoke.

Below you can find a list of every Smoke special move.



What Is It

Shadow Blade

Down, Back, 1

Anti-air projectile.

Smoke Bomb

Down, Back, 2

A teleport that ends in an overhead hit on the other side of the opponent.


Down, Back, 4

A teleport that ends in a low hit on the other side of the opponent.

Vicious Vapors

Down, Forward, 3

A dash with invulnerability that ends in an overhead. Can be canceled.

To avoid confusion with the different platform buttons, we are using the universal numeral notation that is followed by Mortal Kombat players:

Smoke Tips

Smoke attacking Kenshi in the air with an uppercut.

Do you remember what we said about doing mix-ups with Smoke? Well, Smoke Bomb and Smoke-Port are the two special moves that you want to use alternatively. Both of them start pretty much the same but one attacks as an overhead and the other as a low. They are perfect for confusing your enemy, making him block low and attacking overhead, and vice versa.

Also, if you use the enhanced version of Smoke-Port, you can remain in the air and perform an Aerial Kombo String. Or, if you have good timing, you can do a second enhanced Smoke-Port and hit the enemy again, then the combo.

However, don’t exploit these moves without thinking. While Smoke Bomb won’t leave you too exposed, a blocked Smoke-Port will be punished without doubt by your rival.

The enhanced version of Smoke Bomb doesn’t attack but makes you invisible. This is a great tool to add to the surprise factor. Just know that the invisibility will run off when you’re hit or after a few seconds.

Vicious Vapors is not the move you think it is. Sure, it’s great to have a flashy overhead that attacks in front of you, but the real deal behind this move is when you cancel it. You can do so by adding Block and Back. When you cancel it, you earn a free combo extender or a throw opportunity, a great tool to use against an opponent who is not expecting it.

Speaking of throw, and going back to Smoke-Port a bit, with Smoke you can perform a unique kombo string that ends in a throw. This is done by pressing Forward 1, 2, and Throw. Before the animation stops, you can perform Smoke-Port and you’ll attack your enemy with that move. Enhance it to keep the party going!

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Smoke Kameos Tips

Smoke hitting Kenshi with a high attack on the right corner.

Many Kameos go well with Smoke, but we have decided to pick two friendly ones: Sareena and Cyrax.

Sareena is pretty much the best Kameo to use while you’re learning how to play the game. Period. Her Back Kameo Attack throws two projectiles that the rival twice and leaves them exposed with a generous window for you to kick in and start packing a punch.

For example, if you have your Kameo Meter full, you can use Forward 1, 2, Back Kameo twice, and then continue your combo with a launcher or anything else you want.

Cyrax is another favorite choice for many players for different reasons. For once, one of his Kameo Attacks hits enemies in the air, leaving them free for you to juggle them in the air or wait for them to fall. He also has a stun in his Back Kameo Attack, which throws his well-known nest, leaving the enemy immobilized for a few seconds.

Smoke Fatalities

Smoke stabbing Kenshi in the neck.

Just like the rest of the kast, Smoke has two Fatalities. The great thing is that you can perform them from any distance.




Fatality 1


Back, Forward, Down, 1

Fatality 2


Down, Forward, Back, 2

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