How To Play With Friends In Ready Or Not

In Ready or Not, you join a police SWAT team as they tackle the chaos of a crime wave in the make-believe city of Los Sueños, California. Realism is the name of the game — a few shots, and it’s lights out. So, you’ll want some teammates for this intense tactical action, where strategy and smarts outshine brute force.




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In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of the multiplayer gameplay. From hosting games with your friends to coordinating tactics with your team, it’s time to elevate your gameplay and become a force to be reckoned with. Chaos meet coordination. Let’s dive in.

How To Find A Public Game

Ready or not main menu multiplayer screen

Want to roll the dice on a random lobby? To join a public game, click “Find Public Game” in the main menu after selecting “Multiplayer.” This allows you to join a random lobby hosted by another unknown player.

As a non-host, you cannot select the mission, and you are at the mercy of the hosts’ decision.

How To Host A Public Game

ready or not mission select screen in police lobby

To host a public game, open the main menu and select “Multiplayer.” Click “Host Public Game” to enter the Los Sueños Police Department lobby. Here you can set up missions, customize your appearance, train, and modify your loadout. Random players will be able to join your lobby.

If there’s any disruption, you can press ‘Esc‘ to access lobby options and remove unwanted players.

How To Host A Friends Lobby

Ready or not mission select briefing room

If you prefer playing with friends, in the main menu, choose “Host Friends Only” to enter the Los Sueños Police Department lobby.

Once loaded, press the ‘Esc’ key, click on the lobby manager, and click invite friends. This will open up the Steam overlay where you can invite Steam friends. It’s like unlocking the secret door to a party – just with more tactical gear and fewer dance moves.

Ready or Not sets the player cap at a maximum of five per match.

How To Join A Friends Lobby

Should your pal beat you to the lobby creation game, simply open your Steam overlay, find their name in the friend list, and click the arrow. Tap “Join” and you will enter their lobby. They must be online for this to work.

How To Start A Multiplayer Game

Ready or Not mission select screen

Ready to start? If you are the host, go to the briefing room in the Los Sueños Police Department lobby located at the right of the main lobby. Approach the table near the bulletin board and press ‘F‘ to select a mission. Once chosen, you and your players in the lobby must press ‘Y to ready up, initiating a countdown for the mission to start.

Customize your loadout in the locker room before the mission starts, as adjustments can’t be made once it begins.

Multiplayer Tips

Ready or Not friends in the main lobby

In Ready or Not’s intense multiplayer, success isn’t just about trigger-happy heroics; it’s a symphony of strategy and coordination. These are our tips to get you started.

Communication Is Key

In the chaos of missions, your knowledge of enemy movement and objective locations will be limited. Active communication with your team is crucial to filling these gaps and successfully completing the mission.

Bring Different Tacticals

Tactical equipment is as vital as weapons. They give you certain advantages in game that can mean the difference between life and death. Have each player bring different tools like the Mirrorgun for inspecting under doors or a Battering Ram to swiftly breach locked doors. Coordination in loadouts enhances mission success.

Stick Together

Resist the urge to rush ahead. Unity is strength, and staying close to your squadmates enhances your chances of survival. It’s not a race; teamwork triumphs over solo heroics. Work together to overcome challenges efficiently and emerge victorious.


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