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Mortal Kombat 1 has an expansive and eclectic cast of characters, providing a roster filled to the brim with exciting combo expression, playstyles, and grotesque Fatalities and Brutalities. And that’s well before factoring in the new Kameo system, which only broadens the things you can do in a match, making it arguably one of NetherRealm’s most engaging combat systems.



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As you may have guessed, Kitana is one of the many characters to return in Mortal Kombat 1, bringing in many new uses for her tessens than ever before. Also, pairing her with the proper Kameo will further enhance her robust arsenal of attacks, making her one of the best offerings in the game for newcomers and veterans alike.

Kitana Overview


Kitana has always excelled at controlling the space in front of her with her Fan Toss and other actions, and that remains unchanged in Mortal Kombat 1, except she does offer a bit more variety that makes her tremendously strong in the right hands.

Aside from being able to apply pressure from a safe distance, nearly every one of her Special Attacks can launch her opponent on hit, enabling her to follow it up with a full combo or a Kameo attack that keeps them juggled just enough for her to get in and cause some severe damage.

Simply put, Kitana shines brightest when you use the tools she has at her disposal to keep her opponent at bay, then punish them whenever they make a mistake with one of her many launchers, allowing you to unleash flashy and high-damage combos that take advantage of her excellent aerial attacks and Kameo pairings.

Kitana Special Moves

Kitana facing off against Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 1

If the idea of controlling the space in front of you and pouncing on your prey the moment they make a mistake interests you, then Kitana may be for you, as her play style is a bit different than the rest of the cast’s in that she isn’t overly aggressive off the rip, instead plays more passively and safe until the opportunity presents itself to let her unleash her true potential.

All Kitana Special Moves

Special Move



Fan Toss

Back, Forward + 1


Kitana hurls one of her tessen across the stage as her primary projectile, controlling the space in front of her.

The Enhanced version’s distance can also be manipulated by holding either Back or Forward after entering the input.


Down, Back + 1


Kitana throws both tessens forward, having them collide with one another, launching anything caught between them high in the air, serving as her primary launcher.

Holding Back or Forward after inputting the command will manipulate the distance of the attack. The Enhanced version will alter the angle of the tessens as well.

Princess Pirouette

Down, Forward + 2

Kitana violently twirls upward, carving up anything that makes contact with her via her tessens.

Best used to cap combos off and makes for a decent Reversal on wakeup. It can also be an excellent way to extend combos if you use the proper Kameos.

Square Wave

Down, Back + 2


Kitana launches herself upward and across the stage at an angle with a devastating kick.

One of the best methods of closing the gap between you or your opponent in the game and can even be used to get out of a sticky situation or cap off a lengthy combo or reposition.

Fancy Flick

Down, Back + 3

Kitana tosses a single tessen in front of her at a slight arc, covering a small area before her, serving as an excellent tool for combo extensions or as an anti-air.

The enhanced version will launch her opponent on contact, allowing her to follow up with almost anything she has at her disposal afterward. Both versions can also have their distance altered by holding back or forward after entering the input.

Wind Bomb

Back, Down, Forward + 4

Kitana sets a small Wind Bomb on the ground that explodes after a short period, launching anyone near it high into the air, and cannot be Guarded.

The distance of the Wind Bomb can be altered by holding Back (Close), Forward (Far), or Up (Very Far), making it an excellent way to apply pressure on your opponent.

AIR OK = Special Move can also be performed while airborne.

Kitana Tips

Kitana facing off against Kenshi in Mortal Kombat 1

As we alluded to earlier, Kitana excels at forcing her opponent into uncomfortable situations, enabling her to take advantage of her opponent’s weaknesses and mistakes to wreak havoc.

Using her Fan Toss to force them to slowly close the gap on you all while placing Wind Bombs or well-placed Fan-Nados will give you substantial control of the space in front of you and the pacing of the match. And, if they get too close, using Square Wave to propel yourself across the stage will surely aggravate your opponent to no end.

Kitana makes up for what she lacks in terms of raw damage potential or close-range prowess with tremendous projectiles and zoning options, along with her fantastic air-based actions that make her plethora of launchers feel a bit broken once you get the feel of things.

For example, her 2, 4, 1, 2 combo string can be canceled into Fan-Nado, which can be followed by a Forward Jump and chained into an air string of 1, 1, 2. You can also use a Special Move while airborne to extend the combo, set up your Kameo further, or reposition yourself in an advantageous position!

While being playing from a safe range is beneficial for Kitana, relying on it too much can paint you into a corner, allowing skilled players or characters with excellent traversal options to punish you. Ensure to adapt and use the tools at your disposal to constantly keep them guessing and afraid to advance!

Kitana Kameo Pairing Recommendations

Kitana and Sonya in Mortal Kombat 1.

We’ve been teasing this for a while now, but it’s finally time we dive into the best Kameo pairing for Kitana, as they can serve as tremendous ways to extend her aerial combos or enable her to use her launchers and projectiles more effectively in general.

Sonya and Jax will be your go-to options as Kitana’s Kameo due to their ability to hit airborne opponents, giving you ample time to launch into one of her many aerial combo strings or Special Attacks.

For Sonya, using her Assault Kameo attack during the previously outlined combo works wonders and looks something like this: 2, 4, 1, 4 + Fan-Nado + Forward Jump, 2 + Kameo + (Land) 2 + Square Wave.

Jax’s string is a bit different but follows a very similar philosophy and goes a little like this: Princess Pirouette + Kameo + Back 2, 4 + Fan-Nado + Forward Jump, 1, 1, 2.

As shown above, both Sonya and Jax can extend Kitana’s combos but in slightly different ways, making the choice yours depending on when and where you want to extend your options. While others can work well with Kitana, we feel these two are her best options!

Also, don’t be afraid to use Enhanced Special Attacks to further extend the combos after using your Kameo, as that is where most of your damage will come from!

Kitana Fatalities And Brutalities

Kitana performing her Fatality on Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 1

Last but certainly not least is Kitana’s Fatalities and Brutalities, which come via leveling her Master Rank up to specific levels and then performing specific inputs or strings to execute. You can find the complete list of Kitana’s Fatalities and Brutalities in the table below!

All Kitana Fatalities And Brutalities




Royal Blender

Fatality 1


Down, Forward, Down + 4

Last Kiss

Fatality 2


Down, Down, Back + 4

Some Off The Top

Brutality 1


Throw (1+3), Down, Down, Down

Hit The Fan

Brutality 2

Jump Distance or Further

Back, Forward + 1 Hold Back

Where’d You Go?

Brutality 3

Opponent Must Be Airborne

Down, Back + 2, Hold Down

Easy Peasy

Brutality 4


1, 1, 2, Hold 1

Kiss It

Brutality 5


Forward + 1, 2, Hold Down

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