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There are a tremendous amount of characters to choose from in Mortal Kombat 1, all of which have unique playstyles and properties, ensuring there is at least one out there that fits your style of play. However, some will be much harder to pick up and play from the jump, while others will have a much easier barrier of entry but may contain a high ceiling to truly master.



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Then there’s Kenshi, a character that is one of the trickiest in the roster to pick up and play and also contains a really deep floor and high ceiling, meaning the possibilities are nearly endless, constantly rewarding you for experimentation and training.

Kenshi Overview


What makes Kenshi a particularly tricky character to learn is he’s not only a Stance character, but he’s also a Puppet one as well, meaning you must learn how to efficiently control his Ancestral Spirit and properly utilize his Sento Stance if you want to get the most out of him.

As such, he is one of the most high-damaging characters in the game and one of the most irritating to deal with if they fall into capable hands. Kenshi can smack you around like a ping-pong ball with a well-placed Ancestral Spirit or can unleash devastating juggle-loops with a combination of his Spirit, Kameo, and ability to switch between Stances.

We said earlier that the possibilities with Kenshi are seemingly endless, and we meant it. He will likely be a character that people discover new tech with for quite some time, especially with the addition of Kameos in the game that can give him new setups, routes, or combo extensions.

Kenshi Special Moves

Kenshi squaring off against Kitana in Mortal Kombat 1

Like the rest of the cast in Mortal Kombat 1, Kenshi possesses a handful of Special Attacks that enable him to extend or cap off combos, making them a must-learn for beginners. However, unlike the rest of the roster, Kenshi also contains a list of Special Moves dedicated to his Sento Stance, which we will also include in the sections below!

All Kenshi Special Moves

Special Move



Ancestral Guard

Down, Forward + 1

Kenshi unsheathes his sword before sprinting forward, having his Ancestor swat away any projectiles when moving forward.

Holding one extends the duration of Kenshi’s sprint while pressing L2/LT will instantly cancel the action.

Soul Charge

Back, Forward + 2

Kenshi has his Ancestor charge forward with a forceful shoulder check, knocking his target down instantly on contact.

An excellent action that is best used as a way to cap off a combo.

Demon Drop

Down, Back + 2

Kenshi summons his Ancestor briefly, having it descend from the sky with a devastating overhead slash.

The Enhanced version of this action causes the opponent to get launched on contact.

Rising Karma

Back, Forward + 3

Kenshi calls forth his Ancestor, having it perform a rising slash, launching the target on contact, enabling many follow-up actions as a result.

Force Push

Back, Forward + 4

Kenshi quickly utilizes his Ancestor once more, calling upon them to deliver a quick and powerful palm strike, pushing his target backward with tremendous force.

Often used as a way to end combos, but holding 4 will charge the attack, making it useful as a way to ensure you end with an action that leaves you plus on block.

All Kenshi Sento Stance Special Moves

Special Move



Summon Ancestor

Down, Back + 1

Kenshi summons his Ancestor Spirit into the arena, enabling you to assume control of it and perform unique actions.

Spiritual Alignment

Down, Back + 2

The Ancestor Spirit returns to its initial position, placing it directly in front of Kenshi.

The Enhanced version of this action refills your Kameo Gauge, allowing you to sacrifice Super Meter to keep the Ancestor Spirit summoned for longer durations.

Soaring Sento

Down, Back + 3

Has the Ancestor Spirit perform a rising slash, knocking the opponent to the ground.

The Enhanced version of this action launches the opponent into the air, allowing you to follow up with more attacks.


Down, Back + 4

The Ancestor Spirit slashes the opponent before launching into a grab, making it an excellent choice for capping off combos.

The Enhanced version of this action changes the slash into a projectile, allowing you to land a hit-grab from long distances, making it useful for closing out some combos or applying pressure.

Kenshi Tips

Kenshi squaring off against Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 1

Even with everything outlined above and how frustrating it can be to learn these types of characters, Kenshi is still a ton of fun to pick up and lab with, as you can pull off some of the coolest-looking and immensely damaging combos in the game.

For starters, we recommend practicing combos that involve Sento Stance and ones that have nothing to do with it in the slightest. Not only will this prepare you for the moments when you may not be able to utilize it, but it will also give you a better grasp of how to use all facets of Kenshi properly.

An example of utilizing Kenshi without his Sento Stance would be the following combo:

  • Forward 2, 2 + Enhanced Demon Drop + Forward Jump + 1, 2, 2

While an example of using his Sento Stance would be more along the lines of this:

  • Summon Ancestor + Forward 3, Back 1, 2, Back 1 + Enhanced Teamwork

Learning both types of combos will prepare you for the next section of the guide, which focuses purely on using specific Kameos to help you combo from your first combo string into your Sento Stance, enabling you to extend it even further and deal massive amounts of damage!

Kenshi Kameo Pairing Recommendations

Kenshi and Frost in Mortal Kombat 1

Though we spoiled it in the section above, this section will highlight the best Kameo pairings for Kenshi that will enable him to summon his Ancestor Spirit into the arena mid-combo, allowing him to cancel into his Stance to extend the combo further and deal even more damage.

This is where we let Kenshi cook and show the world that he’s likely one of the game’s best characters. If not THE absolute best one at the moment. For Kameos, the best ones for Kenshi are Frost and Sub-Zero, as their ability to freeze your opponent in place will give you ample time to go into Sento Stance to begin the party.

For example, here’s a combo you can utilize with Frost, allowing you to do precisely what we highlighted above:

  • Forward 2, 2 + Forward Kameo + Summon Ancestor + Hold Forward 2221, + 3, 4 + Soaring Sento + 3, 4 + Teamwork

And here’s an example that utilizes Sub-Zero as a Kameo to do the same thing but with slightly different results:

  • Forward 2, 2 + Forward Kameo + Summon Ancestor + Hold Forward 221 + 3, 3 + Soaring Sento + Forward 1, 4 + Teamwork

As shown above, Frost and Sub-Zero are absolute game changers that will allow Kenshi to reach his true potential. Kenshi is terrifying on his own, but when he can cancel into his Sento Stance places him firmly into a league of his own.

Learning combos with and without Sento Stance will allow you to find new ways to utilize your Kameo to cancel from one into the other, opening the door to many possibilities of what he’s truly capable of!

Kenshi Fatalities And Brutalities

Kenshi performing his Fatality on Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 1

Lastly, to wrap things up, we have the complete list of Fatalities and Brutalities for Kenshi, which are obtained naturally as you progress through Kenshi’s Master Ranks!

All Kenshi Fatalities And Brutalities





Fatality 1


Forward, Down, Down + 2

Second Fatality

Fatality 2


Back, Down, Back + 1

Where You Going?

Brutality 1


Throw (1+3), Down, Down, Down

Out Of Sight

Brutality 2

During Sento Stance

Throw (1+3), 1

Did You See That?

Brutality 3

During Sento Stance

Down, Back + 4 + Guard (R2/RT), tap 1+2 six times.

See Ya Later

Brutality 4


Back, Forward + 2, Hold Back

Nothing To See Here

Brutality 5

During Sento Stance

Down, Back + 4, Hold Down

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