How To Play As Baraka In Mortal Kombat 1

With so many cool characters making a reappearance in Mortal Kombat 1, players will want to turn to fan favorites as potential mains. Baraka returns to the roster, sporting his awesome arm blades and unique design, making him an appealing and fun choice for many.



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With his powerful close-range moves and multiple combos, you can have a blast while you play as Baraka. He has some straightforward attacks, but if you want to master Baraka, you should learn his special moves, apply the best tips, and see which Kameos will work best with his moveset.

Baraka Overview

Baraka and Li Mei clashing against each other before they fight in Mortal Kombat 1.

Some people love getting in their opponent’s faces and applying pressure, so Baraka is perfect for them. Thanks to all his moves that send him forward while shooting out a hitbox, you can close the distance with this character and apply some hard-hitting combos to take down your foes.

Baraka has both grounded and aerial options that cover distance and plenty of specials that allow him to extend combos. This is amplified as you use his powerful normals, which offer an excellent balance of range, damage, and speed.

However, Baraka struggles against opponents with strong defensive tools and ways to keep him away. You could also face issues against opponents with Armor since they’ll absorb your attacks and get in some strong hits that’ll lead to combos.

Despite these points, Baraka has a great dash and walking speed, allowing him to close the distance further. He even has a projectile to apply pressure, so you can keep your options open and take down your opponents as you learn Baraka.

He’s a good balance of simple combos to deal good damage without putting in too much time. You can develop powerful combos if you’re willing to practice with him. This combination makes him both beginner-friendly and hard to master, so he can be a solid main for many players.

Baraka Special Moves

Baraka using his spinning air attack to hit Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 1.

Most of Baraka’s moves will help him with close combat, so take some time to get a feel for each one and what they do. That way, you can incorporate them into your combos and maximize your damage while pressuring your enemies.

Special Move


What It Does

Bleeding Blade

Back, Forward, 1

You shoot a blade as a projectile. Enhancing it deals more damage and causes the opponent to bleed.

(Air) Blade Sparks

Down, Back, 1

You shoot blades downward, dealing damage. If you Enhance it, the move causes the opponent to crumple, allowing you to combo them.

Stab Stab

Down, Back, 1

You thrust both your arms up and back down, dealing damage both ways.

Stab Stab Chuck

Hold Back after Stab Stab

You catch the opponent in the air, dealing more damage. This version can only be used against aerial opponents. The Enhanced version deals more damage.

Baraka Barrage

Down, Forward, 2

You slash multiple times forward, dealing damage. If you Enhance it, you’ll deal bonus damage and end in a ground bounce, allowing you to combo them.

(Air) Death Spin

Down, Forward, 2

You spin through the air, ending with a ground slam. Enhancing it causes the attack to come out faster, but deal less damage.

(Air) Enhanced Death Spin Delay

Hold 2 During Enhanced (Air) Death Spin

You perform the spinning portion longer, dealing more damage overall.

Chop Chop

Back, Forward, 3

You thrust forward and strike the opponent with multiple hits. Enhancing it deals more damage.

Extend Chop Chop

Press Block during Chop Chop

You spend another Super Meter segment to jump forward and deal even more damage in your combo.

Since this game is available on multiple platforms, you can use the following notation. If you’re not familiar with it, the following numbers apply to different button inputs while the directions let you know which way you must press based on your character’s current position.

Forward: Toward the opponent

Back: Away from the opponent

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Baraka Tips

Baraka pulling out his arm blades as Motaro prepares to help him in Mortal Kombat 1.

As a general rule, you want to stay in the opponent’s face and apply pressure while playing as Baraka. His normals are great for poking opponents and starting combos, allowing you to react and continue them into strings if the opponent doesn’t block them.

However, you need to be careful with Baraka’s attacks, since ending the string while the enemy blocks gives them a chance to punish you. Despite that, your longer range will give you the advantage in many situations, so take advantage of that range against your opponents.

Even though you’re a close-range fighter, don’t be afraid to use your Bleeding Blade if opponents stay away from you. The Enhanced version can apply plenty of pressure, causing the opponent to take damage over time and forcing them to approach you if they’re low on health.

You should also take advantage of your various combo tools, saving your meter for these moments to transition into powerful combos. For instance, your Enhanced (Air) Blade Sparks are a great way to start combos and catch your opponent off-guard.

The same applies to comboing into your Enhanced versions of Baraka Barrage since you’ll bounce the enemy and can deal tons of damage while continuing the combo. This becomes even stronger if you can use Kameos with launchers and similar moves, giving you insane damage potential.

Baraka has a move that functions as a leftover relic of Mortal Kombat 11 and enhances your moves after performing specials, which in turn allows you to react to the situation. If you can combo into your Chop Chop, you have the potential to spend a meter to win a round.

For example, if you land the combo while the enemy has under ten percent health, you can go into the Extend Chop Chop. Doing so will just barely push the damage over, preventing the enemy from surviving with barely any health, giving them a chance to win.

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Baraka Kameo Tips

Motaro appearing and shooting tail energy balls at Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 1.

Since you want to stick to opponents as Baraka, most Kameos will work with his move set, so having teleport moves, projectiles, or combo extenders will always be the way to go. If you want a solid range to cover your needs, you should try Motaro, Sareena, and Darrius.

  • Motaro is a great choice since he can offer you a shield to deal with projectiles, shoot his own projectiles, and also has a teleport. His move set allows you to close the distance while dealing with opponents that keep you at a range, so you should go with Motaro if you need help dealing with ranged characters.
  • Sareena not only gives you projectiles but also some nice utility to deal with enemies. For instance, her Super Meter draining ability can apply pressure to the enemy and encourage them to stop attacking from a distance, since they’ll put themselves at a disadvantage, so choose her if you want to mix up your opponents.
  • As for Darrius, he has some excellent combo extenders that’ll synergize well with Baraka’s kit, so you should look into his various moves, see how you can combo them into your attacks, and maximize your damage against enemies.

Thanks to Baraka’s rush-down playstyle, he’ll work well with most of the Kameos, so feel free to try out others like Kung Lao, Frost, and Stryker. Kung Lao will give you a teleport, launcher, and projectile, Frost has some awesome combo potential and freeze moves, and Stryker can apply more pressure at mid-range.

Baraka Fatalities

Baraka using his first Fatality on Reiko, stabbing him with the arm blades in Mortal Kombat 1.

As you play Baraka, you’ll have two Fatalities to use, though you will unlock the second one when you reach Mastery Rank 14 with him. If you need help mastering these Fatalities you must go to the Learn section and pick Fatalities, which will teach you the inputs and required distances.




Fatality 1


Back, Forward, Down, 1

Fatality 2


Forward, Back, Down, 4

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