How To Open Remy’s Restaurant In Eternity Isle In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Everyone’s favorite little chef in Disney Dreamlight Valley runs a spectacular restaurant. You can go there to cook meals with Remy whenever you’d like or test out new recipes. You can also serve your culinary creations to villagers who place an order, increasing your friendship with them and working towards Dreamlight Duties.




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There’s business to be done on Eternity Isle.

With A Rift In Time’s Expansion Pass, you unlock Eternity Isle, where you’ll find another Chez Remy in need of repair. With a little bit of help, you can bring Remy’s finest dishes to Ancient’s Landing and beyond. All it takes is a bit of work and the belief that anyone can cook.

How To Unlock Ancient’s Landing Finine Dining

Remy plans to rebuild Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you arrive in Eternity Isle, you’re quite far from the comforts of your village. However, you can build some staples of the community, like Chez Remy. The remains of the restaurant are just past the docks, before the bridge to the Glittering Dunes and Wild Tangle.

There’s a menu nearby, and you should pick it up. Take it to Remy and show him what you’ve found. He’ll tell you of his previous ambitions to run another restaurant, and race to see the second restaurant. Follow him there and hear out his plan to expand his operations.

How To Rebuild Remy’s Restaurant On Eternity Isle

To help Remy, you’ll need to gather fresh ingredients for him. There are three that he needs, and you can find them all across Ancient’s Landing. Remy requires the following:

  • Any Fish from Ancient’s Landing (6)
  • Cumin (6)
  • Strawberries (6)

Strawberries grow on bushes, like raspberries on the mainland. Cumin comes from the large white flowers around Ancient’s Landing, and you can find the fish in the bodies of water by the docks. Once you have everything, return to Remy.

All that’s left for you to do is interact with the Scrooge McDuck sign outside Chez Remy in Ancient’s Landing. You’ll rebuild the restaurant and report back to Remy to tell him the good news.


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