How To Obtain And Equip Cosmetics In Sonic Superstars

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From gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds to battling formidable bosses, Sonic Superstars has a great deal for you to see and do across its eclectic Stages, making the 2D platformer feel more alive than it ever has in ages. And with the new Battle Mode to consider, gathering Coins to customize your character the way you want will be a crucial part of the overall experience.



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Coins can be obtained in various ways in-game, making each mode synergize with one another in interesting ways that range from seeing your Robot in the Story Mode to spending the Coins accumulated in the Story Mode on your Battle Mode Robot!

What Are Coins In Sonic Superstars?

Sonic, Tails, and Amy running through a loop in attempts to gather a Medal in Sonic Superstars

Before diving into what your options are for cosmetics in Sonic Superstars, let’s first go over the concept of Coins, how you get them, and what they’re used for. You can acquire Coins in many ways, making them relatively easy to farm!

How To Obtain Coins

Sonic using the Ivy Chaos Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars

You can earn Coins by simply playing through the Story Mode, as accumulating 100 Rings will net you a Coin, same with finding and destroying a Golden Enemy, which each Act of every Stage will have one of.

Additionally, you will also find Coins hidden throughout each Act. They can be tucked away in a secret area or plain sight, waiting for you to speed through it.

Furthermore, there will also be large Blue Rings and Blackholes that will transport you to a ‘Catch the Coin’ mini-game, which can net you anywhere from one to five Coins, depending on which mini-game you get.

  • Large Blue Rings: Leads to a ‘Catch the Coin‘ mini-game, having you use grapple points to pull yourself through the Coin, granting you five Coins if successful.
  • Blackhole: Appears above activated Checkpoints, almost always leading to a ‘Rotating Maze‘ mini-game, giving you a chance of earning three Coins max.

Spending Coins On Battle Mode Cosmetics

A robotic Amy Avatar created in Battle Mode winning against other players in Sonic Superstars

Even though they are obtained in Story Mode, Coins are the currency used to drip out your Battle Mode Robot, with tons of cosmetics available in the Shop that can be accessed in the World Map in Story Mode or from the Battle Mode menu.

Battle Mode is roughly comparable to something like Fall Guys and is a mode that pits you against other players in numerous party games, with each round shaving off the total players in the lobby. The last one standing at the end will win the match, where your Robot comes into play.

Being able to customize your Robot with unique parts from beloved characters in the game with personalized colors and accessories might encourage you to farm enough Coins to make your Robot look how you want it to, as you can show it off on the podium upon winning.

The cosmetics themselves offer no Stats, Bonuses, or Perks. They are purely for aesthetic purposes, so whether it’s for you or not is up to you. However, one cool aspect of this is that your Robot will appear in one of the boss encounters late in the game, which is a nice touch!

Playable Character Skins In Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars comic book Knuckles running across a bridge in front of a waterfall

Lastly, let’s discuss Skins for the active playable roster in Sonic Superstars. This, unfortunately, is where things get a bit less exciting, as Skins are only obtainable via Microtransactions and cannot be earned or obtained by playing the game.

There are a handful of Skins in the game already. Some were available as a Pre-Order Bonus, others came via the game’s Deluxe Edition, and the rest can be purchased with real money from your platform of choice’s store.

Here’s a brief rundown of all the Skins currently in the game:

  • Lego Eggman Skin
  • Lego Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Skins
    • Included with Digital Deluxe Edition
    • Sold separately via Lego Fun Pack
  • Lego Sonic Skin
  • Sonic Rabbit Skin
    • Included with Digital Deluxe Edition
    • Sold separately via Extra Content Pack
  • Mecha Sonic Battle Mode Skin
    • Included with Digital Deluxe Edition
    • Sold separately via Extra Content Pack
  • Classic Amy Costume Skin
    • Sold separately via Amy Costume microtransaction
  • Comic Book Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Skins
    • Sold separately via Comic Book Skin Pack

Overall, there are a pretty decent amount of Skins for each character in the game, the downside being you cannot earn unique Skins through the Story Mode or any of the Skins listed above by simply playing either. Nonetheless, that is everything available in Sonic Superstars regarding cosmetics in both Story and Battle Modes!

For those wondering, there are currently zero Skins available for the secret character you obtain by beating the Story Mode for the first time, either from the Shop or by clearing their personal Story Mode.

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