How To Make Money In Stardew Valley

The question of how to make money in Stardew Valley most efficiently is one that both newcomers and veterans alike find themselves asking when they start a new farm in this beloved indie farming sim. While you’re never under any pressure to make money in Stardew Valley, having gold in your pocket sure does make life in Pelican Town a little bit nicer.



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In this Stardew Valley guide, we’re focused on helping you make money as quickly and easily as possible. Between a mix of hard work and smart passive income, you’ll be rolling in gold before you know it.

Updated on October 20, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: With another major update for Stardew Valley just around the corner, we’re updating our Stardew Valley money guide to help you get ready for all the exciting new features to come.

Grow The Best Crops For Each Season

stardew valley best summer crops how to make money in stardew valley guide

One of the coolest things about Stardew Valley is the sheer amount of variation in the gameplay – after all, you don’t even technically have to make money in Stardew Valley. You’ll never have bills, and upgrades that cost only come on request.

Variety is fun, but consistency pays when you’re growing only the best. Unless you’re more focused on fulfilling special orders, you’d be best off focusing on the money-making crops, which are often the crops that can be harvested multiple times or especially hearty vegetables.

The Best Crops For Each Season In Stardew Valley



Grow Time




8 days, then 4 days to regrow

Strawberry seeds are only available at the Egg Festival, which limits your year-one harvest. However, put some of your Strawberries into a Seed Maker to be prepared to plant them day-one of Spring in Year Two.


12 days

Can turn into a giant crop.


6 days

You have a random chance to occasionally harvest one extra potato per Potato plant you harvest.



13 days, then 4 days to regrow

Each plant drops three berries per harvest, meaning you’ll never be without fruit to use for jams or wines.


12 days

Can turn into a giant crop.


11 days, then one day to regrow

Turning Hops into Ale is the best way to make money on your harvest, as Hops don’t sell for very much on their own.


13 days

While it’s tough to access in the earliest days of the game, Starfruit is one of the most valuable crops in Stardew Valley.



7 days, then 5 days to regrow

Cranberry plants drop two berries per harvest with a chance to drop an additional third berry.


13 days

Can turn into a giant crop.

These growth seasons and notes are exclusive to the Stardew Valley farm.

Farms outside the main farm in Pelican Town will have different growing conditions, which we’ll cover more in a section below.

Use The Greenhouse Efficiently


Although you can see the Greenhouse on your farm as soon as you move in, you’ll need to manually unlock the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley.

This can be done by finishing all the Pantry Bundles at the Community Center or, if you’ve gone the JojaMart route, for 35,000g.

Once you’ve got the Greenhouse unlocked, you’ll be able to farm every crop year-round right on the Pelican Town farm, in addition to what you’re growing outside.

Not only does this open up a whole new wave of things to do in Winter, but with careful optimization, you can use the Greenhouse to grow a constant rotation of valuable crops all year round.

For more complete information on how unlock and use the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley, check out our Complete Greenhouse Guide.

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Ginger Island Can Also Grow All Crops, All Year

ginger island farm grow crops year round how to make money stardew valley guide

Introduced in the massive 1.5 update in 2020, Ginger Island is an entirely new location in Stardew Valley that offers, among plenty of other things, a new farm for players to unlock with Golden Walnuts.

Once you’ve got the farm on Ginger Island unlocked, you can then proceed to use it like a larger Greenhouse, since it’s also able to grow all crops year-round, meaning you’ll never need to worry about your most valuable crops withering away as the seasons change back on the mainland.

You’ve now got a total of over 700 farming tiles available, so use them for valuable crops to exploit the continuous growing season.

As an added bonus, crows don’t spawn on Ginger Island, which means any spaces you’d have needed to give to your Scarecrows can now be used for crops as well.

Choose The Best Professions

stardew valley - The mining profession level 5 upgrades

At both Level Five and Level Ten of your five major skills in Stardew Valley, you’ll be allowed to choose a perk related to that skill, known in-game as your Profession.

Both level markers offer two different Professions, both of which will alter your gameplay in some way.

You can only choose one profession, but you’re not locked into it if you change your mind later – you can visit the sewers to reassign your Stardew Valley Professions.

Combat professions are also a helpful thing to consider for your overall Stardew Valley playthrough, but these professions don’t impact your income in any way.

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Make Artisan Goods A Priority

Stardew Valley Artisan Goods In Chest how to make money in stardew valley

It may be hard to resist the lure of immediately making money by selling produce and animal products as-is, but although it takes some extra time to earn the money from them, artisan goods sell for much more than raw products used to make them.

Use Preserve Jars and Kegs for your produce from the farm, turning Milk into Cheese, or any of the assorted Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley.

You immediately earn more for these goods for the investment of your time to convert them into something more.

This is especially helpful with cheap fruits or low-quality animal products, since turning them into artisan goods immediately boosts the price that’s otherwise hindered by their quality.

All Artisan Good Machines And What They Make


What It Makes

What It Requires

When It Unlocks


Aged Products

Wines or Cheeses

When you upgrade the Farmhouse to have a basement

Mayonnaise Machine


Eggs (any)

Farming Level 2

Bee House


Flowers *

Farming Level 3

Preserves Jar

Vegetables: Pickles

Fruit: Jams

Vegetables (for Pickles)

Fruits (for Jams)

Farming Level 4

Cheese Press


Milk (any)

Farming Level 6




Farming Level 7


Assorted Drinks

Any crops

Farming Level 8

Oil Maker

Assorted Oils



Sunflowers or Sunflower Seeds

Farming Level 8

* Bees will make regular Honey if a Bee Box is placed someplace outdoors on your farm, but placing it around fully-grown, unpicked flowers will create Flower Honeys instead.

Which flavor of Honey you get depends on the Flowers you’ve planted around the box, so feel free to experiment!

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Make Money With Passive Income

Stardew Valley Crab Pots - Player standing on dock next to several crab pots.

You’ll be plenty busy with the other aspects of making money in Stardew Valley, so why not let some of the heavy lifting on that come from passive income? The best money is money you earned without doing much for it.

Even outside the Artisan Goods, there are a few great ways to make money on a side hustle as you work toward your main hustles.

For minimal effort, you can set up a pretty consistent way to make money.

Passive Income Generators

Item Name

How to Make Money

What to Use


Fish Ponds

Making Caviar

Sturgeon Roe, aged in a Preserves Jar

Sturgeon Roe specifically is the only one that will produce Caviar, but other Roe is still a high-value product.

Crab Pots

Selling anything they catch


Recycle trash collected in Crab Pots to refine materials, and sell any critters you catch in them as welll.


Selling Maple Syrup and Pine Tar

A Tapper, placed on a Maple or Pine Tree

Tappers collect every couple days, so be sure to check in and collect your goods often, as Tappers only produce one product at a time until the finished one is collected.

If you keep a consistent stream of these passive money-makers going, you’ll earn a good amount of extra work for the effort it takes to harvest these items.

Set Yourself Up For Success In Year One

stardew valley fishing how to make money stardew valley guide

With Stardew Valley such a beloved farming sim, players have fine-tuned how best to make money in the first year of the game, which allows you to set yourself up for a much easier time in the coming years.

Tips To Make Money In The Beginning Of Stardew Valley

Season of Year One

Focus On




Fishing is a great way to earn money early in-game, and the mini-game becomes much easier as your Fishing skill increases.

Getting the Chicken Coop

Turning your goods into Mayonnaise is a great way to earn a passive income.

Getting to Lv. 90 in the Mines

Use the ores found in the Mines to make sprinklers and upgrade your tools.

Planting Strawberries (after the Egg Festival)

You’ll only get two Strawberry harvests in Year One, but using Speed-Gro Fertilizer can boost this to three harvests in Year One.


Growing multi-harvest crops

Blueberries and Hops continue to regrow after harvest and can be made into high-value artisan goods.


Between your increased skill and the new fish available each season, Summer brings some rather profitable fish to the Valley.

Crafting more Sprinklers

The more sprinklers you have, the more you can expand your farm and passively grow your crops.


Unlocking the Greenhouse

Building the Greenhouse is one of the best ways to grow high-value crops year-round.

Unlocking the Bus Stop

Unlocking the Bus Stop grants access to the Calico Desert, home to unique shops and the Skull Caverns.

Making Tappers

Oak Trees and the Resin they make are critical to making more Kegs for wine-making.

Crafting Iridium Sprinklers

These have the largest watering span of any sprinkler, allowing for even more planting optimization than ever.


Finishing the Community Center

Winter is the first real chance you’ll have to completely finish unlocking the Community Center, if you didn’t go the Joja route for it.

Continuing to Mine in Skull Cavern

The most valuable resources can be found in deeper levels of the Skull Caverns, so focus your mining efforts here once you’ve unlocked the Desert.

Of course, you can still do other things outside these major focus spots, but these are the quickest ways to earn money in Stardew Valley in your first year.

Pair them with the passive income methods above as soon as possible to really start reaping rewards.

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