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In Paleo Pines, you can take care of dinosaurs, give them treats, and set up unique pens with different biomes. After spoiling your cute dinos, you can also tend to your own needs! While there is no hunger meter in Paleo Pines, you can still eat a variety of food for additional boosts.



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There are a lot of possible recipes, but thankfully we are going to go over each one in this guide. Additionally, we will go over how to start cooking, as well as what the boosts for each recipe mean. First, let’s look at how you can start cooking.

How To Cook In Paleo Pines

paleo pines player standing next to cooking pot

Rather than being able to cook on your ranch, you will need to head to a Cooking Pot which can be found near Owynn’s house (right in the center of Veridian Valley).

The first time you interact with the Cooking Pot, you will probably not be able to do anything. Before you can cook, you will need to complete a few quests from Granny Agami. When you receive the quest “Grow Granny’s Carrots”, you will be on the right track.

paleo pines player speaking to granny agami about cooking

After these quests, Agami will tell you about the Cooking Pot, and ask you to make a dish with some ingredients.

At the Cooking Pot, just add the ingredients in, and a dish will be made! Some recipes can be obtained from NPCs, but most recipes can be discovered through experimentation (or by reading our guide).

What Are Recipe Boosts?

paleo pines recipe book showing classic stew recipe and boost

Each recipe comes with a boost that can help you in your day-to-day Paleo Pines life. These boosts aren’t infinite, but they can provide some much-needed help, especially if you are struggling to make money or tame a certain dinosaur. Below, you can check out what each of these boosts do.


What It Does

Energy Boost

Increase Stamina Regeneration

Extra Muscle

Increase Maximum Stamina

Green Fingers

Increase Harvest Quality

Bountiful Bounty

Increase Harvest Quantity

Irresistibly Earthy

Increase Affinity/Trust with Dinos that like Earthy foods

Irresistibly Juicy

Increase Affinity/Trust with Dinos that like Juicy foods

Irresistibly Crunchy

Increase Affinity/Trust with Dinos that like Crunchy foods

Irresistibly Fragrant

Increase Affinity/Trust with Dinos that like Fragrant foods

Irresistibly Spicy

Increase Affinity/Trust with Dinos that like Spicy foods

Every Recipe In Paleo Pines

paleo pines player making carrot cake
via Bronzewing/Steam

Now, let’s take a look at every recipe that you can cook in Paleo Pines. These will be sorted by the boost associated with each meal, and we will make note if the recipe is required before cooking.

Energy Boost Recipes

Green Fingers Recipes

Bountiful Bounty Recipes

Irresistibly Earthy Recipes

Irresistibly Juicy Recipes

Irresistibly Crunchy Recipes

Irresistibly Fragrant Recipes

Irresistibly Spicy Recipes

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