How To Locate The Missles And Place The IR Beacons For CoD Warzone’s Missile Transports Mission

DMZ is an extraction-type game mode in Call of Duty Warzone 2 where you can complete missions, take contracts, and partake in various PVP and PVE scenarios. In DMZ, you are also assigned tasks by large combatant groups called Factions.



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The missions assigned by each faction are organized into five tiers with increasing difficulty levels. The Missile Transports Mission is a tier two mission given by the Shadow Company faction in DMZ season five. It is a three-part mission requiring you to visit four locations in Al Mazrah to complete the mission objectives.

Missile Transports: Mission Objectives And Rewards

Mission objectives and rewards in Missiles Transport in DMZ.

During the constant struggle for power between the Konni and the Shadow Company. The Shadow Company traced the Konni Ship in Al Mazrah back to Europe.

It was reported that the ship was initially loaded with eight missile containers, but only six have been confirmed onboard. In this faction mission, we must solve the mystery of the missing containers.

There are three main objectives of the missile transportation mission:

  1. Locate the remaining missiles using the transportation plans from the Konni ship in One deployment.
  2. Take the two IR beacons from the Zaya Observatory dead drop and plant one near the first missile.
  3. Plant one IR beacon at the second missile.

Missile Transports Mission Rewards

  1. Through the Window (Calling Card)
  2. +7500 XP.

How To Complete The Missile Transports Mission In DMZ

A player approaching the Zaya Observatory Dead Drop location in DMZ.

To start the Missile Transports, load into a DMZ session for Al Mazrah and go to the map’s southern region at the Konni ship located at the southern end of the map. Clear the hostile AI inside the ship and head to the top section of the vessel.

Here, you will find an item named “Missile Transportation Plans” on a metallic shelf. Once you collect the item, you can read it to discover the coordinates of the first container.

If you are reading this guide beforehand, you don’t have to go all the way to the ship for the transportation plans. You can skip this step and head for the IR beacons directly.

Upon reading the transportation plans, you will find that the Konni needed more resources to transport all containers simultaneously. Due to the lack of resources, they have transported the first container to the Cymmetry located in the southwest region of the map.

If you don’t find the Missile Transportation Plans at this location, another player may have taken them before you. In this case, you must either load another DMZ session or try your luck by contesting for the IR beacons.

How To Find And Place The IR Beacons

A player looking at the Stadium Container in Missile Transports DMZ.

After you have read the Missile Transportation Plans, head to the dead drop location at Zaya Observatory in the center of the map. The dead drop waste container will contain two IR beacons; acquire these items and head to the cemetery.

You must collect the IR beacons from the dead drop location (white-colored waste containers) before going to the cemetery, or else you will not be able to progress with this mission any further.

After reaching the cemetery, look for a large red container with a missile launch pad. Emilinate the Konni combatants guarding the point of interest and place the IR beacon on the container.

This will reveal a note on the side of the container with the second missile’s location. The location of the second container is randomly selected from the following six locations.

  1. Gas Station in the Hydroelectric District.
  2. Farms located south of Akhdar Village and north of the Fortress.
  3. North of the Cave Complex.
  4. Docs at the Sharrif Bay.
  5. North of Sa’id Football Stadium.
  6. Roadside by the north of Marsh.

So, different players will encounter different locations in their playthrough. After you read the note and identify the next location, reach the second container and repeat the process. Clear all Konni combatants and place the IR beacon on the container.

The mission will be completed after you place the IR beacon on the container.

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