How To Locate Dijkstra’s Gold In The Witcher 3

Geralt’s search for Dandelion in The Witcher 3 will take him to the spy, Sigismund Dijkstra, an old acquaintance. Though, now he is going under the alias Count Sigi Reuven. After walking into a meeting between Novigrad’s gang leaders and fighting his way out of the ambush in the bathhouse, Geralt will need to reconvene with Dijkstra to ascertain the whereabouts of his friend.



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Count Reuven’s Treasure is a highly involved quest with three distinct phases to navigate. Geralt’s investigative skills are put to the test, and he is faced with several weighty decisions he’ll have to dictate with delicate tact, which as we know, isn’t always the witcher’s strong suit. Because of that, we have laid out this lengthy quest and the different turns it can take.

Updated September 23, 2023, by Sean Murray: If you’re still looking for Count Reuven’s treasure, we’re here to help. This guide has been updated with improved formatting and more breakout tips to make finding the lost treasure that much easier.

Investigating The Heist

Count Reavens Treasure Bart rock troll Geralt Witcher 3

Investigating The Vault

You’ll find Dijkstra in his office at the bathhouse, but after prying for info regarding Dandelion, Dijkstra will ask his own favor in return. Turns out someone has made off with his entire vault’s worth of treasure, and he’s hiring Geralt to retrieve it for him. This puts the witcher in a bit of a predicament as he is keenly aware that Dandelion played a hand in the heist.

Dijkstra will lead you to his hidden vault under the bathhouse and introduce you to Bart, the friendly rock troll who up until recently was guarding the treasure. The bandits made off with the treasure by way of blowing out the wall that separated the vault from the sewers and escaping through toxic Pops’ Mold, which Geralt will be given three bottles of antidote for.

Popping one should suffice to get through the sewer, but if you happen to soak up all three, Geralt also receives the formula to create more.

Dijkstra will eventually leave Geralt to investigate the vault. Naturally, you should start by using his witcher senses to pick out any clues – though, the only truly important one is the blasted pipe exposed in the dilapidated wall. This will indicate the explosion was caused from inside, blowing the wall outward.

Investigating The Sewers

There’s not much else to glean from the vault itself, so pop the antidote before heading through the opening into the sewer. Again using his witcher senses, Geralt can examine some debris with traces that indicate the explosion was caused by a bomb rather than magic. Exploring the sewers further, you will discover two corpses, before coming up against a few drowners and discovering a bomb fragment with scents of wyvern oil and caramel.

Geralt will then need to report his findings to Dijkstra back in his office. They’ll deduce the bomb must have been planted from inside the bathhouse.

Investigating The Bathhouse

Then it’s into the bathhouse where Geralt will need to examine each tub to determine where the bomb was dropped. By using his witcher senses, Geralt will notice oil floating on the surface of one of the baths and a silver lid matching the fragment he found in the sewers.

After checking the bathhouse guest registry, Dijkstra will note that one of the visitors, Margrave Henckel, was dead before the break-in, setting you on your next investigation into Count Reuven’s Treasure.

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Investigating Henckel’s House

Count Reuvens Treasure Henckels House wine botle birth year Geralt Witcher 3

Henckel’s House sits just off of Hierarch Square out the southwest entrance. Using Geralt’s witcher senses, you’ll quickly discover footprints leading upstairs and through a now-locked door. Upon further investigation, a note will be found on the table with a riddle prompting Geralt to try a vintage from someone’s birth year in the wine ‘cellar’ next door.

Those ever-trusty witcher senses will let you zero in on a bottle marked from 1245-1254.

Interacting with the secret switch will open the locked door in the previous room where Geralt will find several more clues indicating this is where the bomb was made, along with a letter on the trunk written by Ciri.

Back downstairs, Geralt will run into Dijkstra and his old flame, Triss Merigold. There’s a bit of optional flirty dialogue if Geralt is hoping to romance Triss, but regarding the topic at hand, Geralt will attempt to deceive Dijkstra here to cover up Dandelion and Ciri’s involvement, instead opting to tell the spy it was Menge who stole the treasure.

Though Dijkstra smells something fishy right away, the opportunistic spy ultimately uses Geralt and Triss’ heated past to ensure results in finding his treasure.

Infiltrating The Witch Hunters’ Outpost

Count Reuvens Treasure Menge dialogue conversation Witcher 3

This leads the two love birds to work out a plan to infiltrate the Witch Hunters’ Outpost. Triss takes the lead on this one and instructs Geralt to meet her at the shrine of the Eternal Fire at midnight. The shrine is in the center of the square outside of Hattori’s shop.

It’s important not to blow the operation before it starts by not threatening the witch hunters or defending Triss. No, using Axii won’t work either.

If Geralt botches the plan before getting in to see Menge, he’ll still be able to find Dandelion, but he will have forfeited his investigation into Dijkstra’s treasure, and subsequently, Dijkstra’s help later on when recruiting aid for the battle at Kaer Morhen.

Once granted an audience with Menge, tread carefully in order to avoid starting a fight. This will involve an immense level of self-control on your part, as Geralt will be able to hear Triss being tortured in the next room throughout the entire conversation.

Important Dialogue Options

There is really only one set of dialogue options that will allow Geralt to peacefully navigate the conversation and extract all the information he needs. We’ve listed all the dialogue options below, highlighting the necessary responses.

  1. Why not.
  2. Not in the mood.
  3. Why?
  4. You can’t torture Triss, I won’t allow it.

Here, Menge is testing to ensure Geralt is not a doppler, so take a drink out of the silver cup.

  1. Your hunters are torturing Triss, but I haven’t been paid.
  2. Tell them to release Triss.

Ensuring payment isn’t out of character, so this is the only bit of dialogue Geralt will be able to attempt to spare Triss.

  1. Witchers do anything for gold.
  2. Don’t know what you’re talking about.
  3. Triss betrayed me first.
  4. Changed my mind. Let her go.

Menge knows about Geralt’s romantic history with Triss, so he’ll have to convince him he’s now a scorned lover. Or he can go the emotionless witcher route.

  1. Free my friend Dandelion.
  2. I’m looking for this treasure…
  3. Fuck it. Had enough of this masquerade.

Asking about Dandelion won’t free the bard, but Geralt will learn where he’s being held and the information he needs to rescue him. However, this means you miss the opportunity to ask about the treasure.

On the other hand, if Geralt asks about the treasure, he will secure the optimal outcome for this quest and still be able to find Dandelion through alternative means. But, he’ll have to fight his way out of the Witch Hunters’ Outpost.

Menge will die whether Geralt navigates the conversation without an altercation or has to fight his way out, which means Dandelion is stuck in jail unless they can find someone to impersonate Menge and order Dandelion’s transfer. This will lead you to seek out the songstress, Priscilla.

Leaving The Witch Hunters’ Outpost

If all goes well, you can exit through the locked door in Menge’s office. Regardless of how you get out of the building, climb onto the roof of the small building opposite the back of the main building, cross over the stone wall, and use Aard on the wall down the alley to the right.

Geralt will be met on the other side by one of Dijkstra’s men and Dijkstra will be waiting down by the docks in front of the outpost. The spy will react virtually the same whether Geralt learned the location of his treasure or not. That’s because he’s learned that Geralt knew the thief’s identity all along.

He won’t do anything about it, but he will withhold the location of the spy meet-up and refuse to help Geralt later if the witcher failed to learn the treasure’s location.

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Finding Out What Happened To Dandelion

Count Reuvens Treasure Triss Merigold interrogating Witcher 3

If Geralt didn’t manage to finesse an answer out of Menge as to Dandelion’s whereabouts, the witcher will have to locate his friend by other means. With or without Dijkstra’s help, your task is thus to locate the outbox to signal Menge’s spy. The outbox is located east of Hierarch Square, directly ahead of Tretegor Gate.

After signaling the spy, head to the meet-up point on the outskirts of Novigrad – the last hut east of Glory Gate in the Farcorners region. Now hide behind the door and meditate until midnight. Triss will appear, and they will question the spy together, and Triss will get… intense. Geralt can handle the situation one of two ways.

  1. [Don’t React]
  2. Triss… That’s enough.

By not reacting the spy will divulge who he works for, but either way Geralt will get the information he needs on Dandelion. After checking in with Triss on how she’s feeling about this whole ordeal, Geralt will need to talk to Priscilla to complete the quest.

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