How To Link Your Discord And Xbox Accounts

You can do plenty of different things on the latest Xbox consoles. This includes linking to other social accounts you have. For instance, you can link your Xbox account to the likes of Reddit, Steam, Twitch, and Discord.




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If you link to a Discord account, you can access your voice channels, meaning you can talk to others on your server through your Xbox. You can even stream the game you’re playing if you desire. Doing these things takes a bit of work first. So, here is an explanation of everything you need to do to use Discord on your Xbox.

To use Discord on your Xbox, you first need to link the accounts. To do that on your Xbox console, click the middle home button on your controller to bring up the side panel. Then, go over to the profile tab, which is on the far right. From here, press settings, go to account, and then select ‘linked social accounts.’

Screenshot Of Xbox Discord Link Tile

On this next page, you will see both your linked and not linked social accounts. You should see Discord in the latter section. So, go over to that tile and hit ‘link.’

Then, press ‘continue on console.’ This will take you to a web page where you must log in with your Discord account. Following that, you will get some information about what the linking means. If it all seems fine with you, then click ‘authorize.’

After that, you will have to sign into your Xbox account – despite already being on your Xbox. So, do that, and then accept Discord’s permission requests.

Discord will then link your accounts.

Arrow Pointing At Discord User Settings On Desktop

You don’t have to link the accounts using the Xbox. You can do it through Discord on your desktop.

From the channels screen, click the little gear at the bottom left corner next to your username. This takes you into ‘user settings.’

Screenshot Of Discord Connections Screen

In here, you can find ‘connections.’ When you click on it, you will notice a collection of logos on the right side of the page. Press on the Xbox icon. Then, go through the process of signing in and authorizing things.

At the end of that, the accounts will be linked.

How To Use Discord On Xbox

Discord On Xbox Highlighted On Parties And Chats

Once your accounts are linked, using Discord on your Xbox is really easy.

Simply press the Xbox home button on your controller and go to the ‘parties and chats’ tab. This is one with the chat icon left of the center.

On the tab, you can see there is a Discord button. Click it to gain access to your servers. From there, you can go into any server and click on the voice channel to connect. Then, you can talk to people or even stream your game.


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