How To Learn Programming In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 has a wide variety of learnable skills, with even more included in the expansions. One base-game skill that you can learn and level up is Programming. This is essentially the ability to code, hack, and make programs. At higher levels, you can even alter grades and give yourself promotions.



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In this guide, we are going to take a look at how your Sims can easily learn the Programming skill. Additionally, we will go over how to use it in your Sim’s everyday life. We’ll also cover some traits and professions that can help you raise your Programming levels.

How To Learn The Programming Skill

sims 4 practice programming option at level 1

Like nearly every other skill, you can learn the Programming skill by programming! This requires a computer, but it can be on a public lot; you don’t have to buy a computer if you don’t have enough money.

With a computer in sight, click on it. From here, select the option to practice programming, and you will acquire the Programming skill.

How To Level Up The Programming Skill

An office desk in the Sims 4, with the camera focused on a pile of notes and pens next to the computer

To level up the Programming skill, you just need to program more. In addition to practicing, Sim’s can also unlock new options, with many providing a bit of money.

Similar to other skills, you can also increase your Programming skill by reading skill books. There are three Programming books, each increasing in difficulty. Be sure to read the appropriate book for your level, or your Sim may become confused!

Rewards For Leveling Up The Programming Skill

sims 4 all programming options

There are ten levels to the Programming skill, with each one unlocking new options to do while at the computer. Below, you can check out each level of the Programming skill, along with what it unlocks.

What Is Hacking?

Sims 4's Penny Pizzaz using a computer.

With the hacking ability, you can earn varying amounts of money. In general, you will earn more money by hacking things that unlock later in the Programming skill.

For example, you will earn a lot more money from Crumplebottom Servers than you would from Llamacorn Listserv. While hacking, you will still gain Programming skills, making it a great way to passively earn while learning.

What Are Plugins And Viruses?

A Sim from The Sims 4 at their computer with a thought bubble showing hearts above them. Next to them is a hamster cage and a corkboard, both bearing various postcards

Both Plugins and Viruses can earn you some money, however making a virus is more ‘evil’ than making a plugin.

Additionally, viruses can earn your Sim a bit more money. You can do both, or choose one, depending on your Sim’s personality.

Freelance Programming

A Sim from The Sims 4 sitting at a dark desk and writing on a computer

If your Sim doesn’t fit in with the traditional working life, they can also program from home! Once you reach Programming level five, the option to “Perform Freelance Work” becomes available.

This is a long process, but you can pause at any time and come back later. Once done, you will earn a maximum of 1,200 Simoleons. If you make mobile and computer games, you can also earn royalties. With a higher Programming skill, the royalties earned will be larger.

How To Use Programming Everyday

Programming is very easy to use in your everyday life, but you can choose to use it for good or evil.

Programming For Good

If you want to stay legal and program for good, you can make plugins and games, as well as perform freelance work. If your Sim has the ‘Good’ trait, then these are great options, especially if they have a freelance career.

Programming For Chaos

Programming can be harnessed for evil as well. With a chaotic Sim, they can hack to their heart’s content, as well as make viruses. If the Sim in question as a traditional job, you can also hack their work performance. This won’t earn them an immediate promotion, but it will give a small boost that can be much-needed.

What Is The Computer Whiz Aspiration?

sims 4 computer whiz aspiration panel

Lastly, let’s take a look at the Computer Whiz aspiration. This is a selectable aspiration that combines the Programming and Video Games skills. Below, you can check out all four milestones of the Computer aspiration, along with their requirements.





With the Program

Practice Programming for 5 hours in total

Play video games for 5 hours in total


Technically Adept

Maintain Focus for 2 hours straight while playing video games

Achieve level 3 Programming skill

Own 3,000 Simoleons with of Electronics


Computer Geek

Become an Adult

Reach level 3 of the Tech Guru Career

Make a Video Game or App


Computer Whiz

Reach level 5 of the Tech Guru Career

Have spent a total of 100 hours on the Computer

sims 4 webmaster trait panel highlighted

After completing this aspiration, you will unlock the Webmaster trait. This is described as giving Sim’s the ability to “make the most out of their computer, unlocking extremely useful ways to use them”. What does this mean though?

The Webmaster trait unlocks the following actions.


Where To Find (On Computer)


Internet Stalk

Socialize Tab

Learn about a Sim without interacting with them

Research Binge

Research within the Web Tab

Learn about developing skills (above level 1)

Random skills will increase while researching

Earn Money Turking

Web Tab

Complete small tasks to earn money

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