How To Kill The Terrormorphs During Eyewitness In Starfield

There are many factions in Starfield, but one of the first you’ll encounter is the UC Vanguard. Sworn to protect the United Colonies with every action, they are a group of dedicated soldiers and volunteer recruits who are devoted to their cause (and the credits).



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Following the UC Vanguard plot allows you to learn more about the history of the Vanguard and the potential future of New Atlantis if you don’t intervene. With allies like Hadrian at your side, you’re sure to do just fine, but make sure to bring plenty of Med Packs and ammo. Not everything is as it seems.

How To Meet With The Cabinet

Meeting Hadrian outside MAST in Starfield

After discovering that the Terrormorphs are the same kind that attacked Londinion, Hadrian asks that you meet her at MAST to speak with the Cabinet members together. You’re going to need all the data you can on Terrormorphs.

Head to New Atlantis, where Hadrian will be waiting for you outside MAST. Talk to her, and she reveals a bit more information before going in.

Hadrian will tell you upfront that you should complete any tasks remaining now before moving forward, as this could take a while.

Now is the time to stock up on Med Packs and ammo if you’re short in supply.

When you’re ready, you’ll be called into the Cabinet Chambers. Head up there to begin the negotiations.

How To Persuade The Cabinet

Hadrian before the Cabinet in Starfield

Stepping into the chambers, you’ll have to face the Cabinet members yourself. They’ve already read Hadrian’s report, but they want to hear why this matters from you.

You have your work cut out for you, and you’ll need to convince all three signatories to agree before you can gain access to the archives.

Your best bet is to be honest and sincere, but don’t forget to urge them into action. The Terrormorphs wait for no one, and time is running out to research that data. These answer choices will help:

  • We need the Archival data to find a way to stop a possible Terrormorph apocalypse.
  • I only know what I was told – its tissue matched ones from Londinion.
  • Yes. If the fear is the data being weaponized, the Terrormorph program failed. The data’s not dangerous.

The cabinet will agree to your request, but before it becomes official, you’re interrupted by a Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis.

How To Kill The Terrormorph In New Atlantis

Terrormorph in New Atlantis starport in Starfield

With the Cabinet on lockdown and the nearest anti-xeno force on another planet, it’s up to you to stop the threat. You and Hadrian are to take NAT transport to the starport before the Terrormorphs can get into the city.

When you exit the building, you’ll find citizens attacking each other. They appear to be under the Terrormorph’s influence.

Security will shout at you to grab the Modified EM Equinox rifle to subdue the citizens. Fill the blue bar over their heads to make them drop.

Modified EDM Rifle in New Atlantis in Starfield

Using the Modified EM Equinox will subdue citizens rather than kill them. While you can use any weapons to fire at the citizens, be mindful of the consequences of firing on unarmed people. Your followers will need EM weapons as well unless you have a quick aim.

Once the citizens are subdued, speak with the UC Security Officer to learn that the spaceport attack is worse than you feared. The Terrormorph is using pheromonic projection to take control of the citizens and cause chaos, and you need to stop it fast.

Killing the Terrormorph will break that hold over the citizens, but keep the EM weapon ready in case you can’t avoid combat with citizens. Take NAT Transport to the starport to face the Terrormorph.

For ease of use, you can add your best weapons to your favorites bar, including the EM rifle, so you can switch between them quickly in combat.

Chasing after the Terrormorph in New Atlantis in Starfield

Hurry through the starport where you’ll come face to face with the Terrormorph. You’ll have UC Security and Hadrian on your side.

Beware the Terrormorph’s shrieks, as it will distort your vision.

Take cover when needed, but don’t stop firing at the Terrormorph. You may hear strange voices, but they’re not real.

Two more Terrormorphs are on the landing pad. Sergeant Yumi offers you some supplies and a firing team, but he won’t risk any more of his men. Speak to the fire team to get backup as you hunt the remaining aliens.

Ammo and health supplies are piled on a table near Sergeant Yumi. Take as much as you need before heading into combat again.

Head out to the landing pad and exterminate the two remaining Terrormorphs. When they’re dealt with, return to Sergeant Yumi. He’ll thank you for your service before Hadrian insists you both report to President Abello.

Report Back To President Abello

Reporting back to President Abello in Starfield

Head back the way you came and return to the Cabinet Chambers. The president thanks you for your service and apologizes for not taking your concerns seriously before.

Hadrian is reinstated as Major, effective immediately, and you are asked to be the representative to both House Va’ruun and the Freestar Collective. As a reward, President Abello is willing to fast track your citizenship status once you retrieve the data.

This completes the quest, and begins the next chapter of your journey in the UC Vanguard.

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