How To Handle Mitch’s Hostage Situation In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 lets you explore Night City and have all kinds of adventures in it while trying to save your own life. As the clock keeps ticking, getting into the core of the mystery behind Johnny Silverhand’s engram is of the utmost importance, and you’ll need all the help you can get.



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One of the first allies you’ll meet is Panam Palmer, and she’ll help you find Anders Hellman, one of the few people who knows what’s going on inside your head. But before you can get to him, you will need to help her first with an unexpected hostage situation.

How To Unlock

Scanning the AV crashing site in the Life During Wartime quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you’ve taken down the AV during the Lightning Breaks quest, you’ll automatically transition into this job. As you get closer to the downed AV, you’ll hear several Aldecaldos in the comms driving to the crashing site without knowing is still heavily guarded, and things will go very bad for them.

Panam will panic and ask you to scan the crash site with a drone to see if there are any of them still alive, and after discovering that Mitch is being kept hostage, three enemy drones will start chasing you.

You will have to take them down using the turrets in Panam’s vehicle, and after Panam gets injured by a ricochet bullet, you’ll have to continue to the crash site by yourself.

The crash site itself is not as big as it seems, but it’s heavily guarded by a Kang-Tao Security Drone and several Kang-Tao Robots. You can’t avoid direct confrontation, so once you have destroyed them all, approach the AV and open its door.

Hostage Situation

Mitch held hostage at gunpoint in Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you open the AV’s door, you’ll find a guard holding Mitch hostage at gunpoint. This situation can be solved in three different ways:

  • You shoot the pilot.
  • Panam shoots the pilot.
  • You peacefully convince the pilot to give up the information.

To convince the pilot to give Hellman’s location up, you’ll need to choose the following dialogue responses:

  • ‘I just want Hellman’.
  • ‘I’m losing my patience’.

If you manage to convince the pilot, you’ll get a waypoint to the gas station where Hellman is holed up, and you’ll also encounter much less resistance along the way. If the encounter with the pilot goes any other way, you will have to find the gas station yourself, dealing with increased enemy presence.

Regardless of what you choose, once you have defeated all the enemies in the gas station the Aldecaldos will arrive to assist you, and Panam will give you Scorpion’s Apollo bike. Call Takemura, and once you have secured Hellman, the quest will end.

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