How To Gild The Ghost Writer Title In Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost brought a new title this year. Ghost Writer is an easy title to obtain, requiring you to play core activities with a Festival mask and complete Haunted Lost Sectors. As with the Solstice title, Ghost Writer may also be gilded.



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Fortunately, gilding this title is an easy if tedious process. Only four Triumphs stand in your way, one of which is quite time-intensive. This short guide will cover what each Triumph requires, and we’ll provide tips on how to complete them most effectively. Here is a complete guide to gilding Destiny 2’s Ghost Writer title.

Updated October 21, 2023, by Charles Burgar: The Ghost Writer title may be gilded once again during this year’s Festival of the Lost event. While the Triumphs themselves haven’t changed from last year, the addition of Legend Haunted Sectors and some sandbox tweaks have adjusted our recommendations slightly. We’ve updated this guide to include new tips on how to complete each title Triumph as quickly as possible.

One Of Many

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Headless One

One of Many: Defeat all the Headless Ones in a single run of a Haunted Sector.

One of Many requires you to defeat ten Headless Ones in each Haunted Sector during Festival of the Lost. There are four Haunted Sectors in total: EDZ, Europa, Moon, and Nessus. The Haunted Sector you get is random, so you’ll need to queue up the playlist multiple times until you get all four.

You do not have to kill all five Headless Ones during the boss fight to make progress. You just need to kill the ten Headless Ones at the start of the Haunted Sector to make progress.

Since the difficulty of the Haunted Sector doesn’t matter, we recommend farming Normal Haunted Sectors for this challenge. Legend is quite difficult and doesn’t offer additional progress for this Triumph, so you might as well play on the easier difficulty. As for general tips, use an ability-centric build to kill the Knights quickly. Hunters with Combination Blow, Titans with Throwing Hammers, and Warlocks using Sunbracers can melt the Headless Ones with little issue.

For build loadouts and tips, check out the class build guides below:

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Masked Mayhem

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Pumpkin Bomb

Masked Mayhem: While wearing a Festival mask, complete dungeons, raids, Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls, or win rounds in the Trials of Osiris.

Complete three of the listed activities to finish this Triumph. We recommend rounds in Trials of Osiris if you have a group. If you’re a solo player, give Master Nightfalls a try. You’ll need a good build to solo a Master Nightfall, but it’s more than doable. Hunters can play Arcstrider with Assassin’s Cowl, Warlocks can play a Devour Voidwalker, and Titans can rock Berserker with Banner of War.

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Deathless One

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Colossus

Deathless One: Complete Haunted Sectors without dying.

Deathless One requires you to finish every Haunted Sector without dying. There’s a Haunted Sector in the EDZ, Moon, Europa, and Nessus, so four in total. Complete each Haunted Sector flawlessly to finish this challenge. Allies dying does not void your progress. As for staying alive, spec for 100 Resilience and play a Solar subclass to access Cure and Restoration.

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Sweet Tooth

Destiny 2 FOTL 2022 Masks

Sweet Tooth: Collect Candy by completing activities and defeating combatants while wearing a Festival mask.

You must acquire 30,000 Candy during Festival of the Lost to finish this Triumph. That’s a tall order, but you should have at least 17,500 saved up from earning the standard Ghost Writer title. The remaining 12,500 can be earned by farming Vanguard Ops, Heroic Public Events, or any seasonal activities you enjoy. Be sure a Festival mask is equipped to gain progress.

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