How To Get To Upper Calrath In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen offers a wide range of distinct locations, each with its own unique character. You’ll explore ruins, castles, poison swamps, mines, and snowy areas. While you’ll stumble upon many of these places as you advance in the game, some are easy to miss.



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One such location is Upper Calrath, where you must reach to cleanse one of the beacons. There isn’t direct guidance on how to reach it, but this guide will demonstrate how to access this area and fulfill your role as a lampbearer cleansing the beacons.

How To Get To Upper Calrath

Player at Upper Calrath Lords of the Fallen

To reach Upper Calrath, you’ll need to follow the following steps.

First, make your way to Lower Calrath and defeat the Spurned Progeny to gain access to the Upper Calrath Mining District/Vestige of Doln.

From there, proceed normally until you reach the mine area known as Sunless Skein. The path is fairly straightforward.

While on your journey, be sure to pick up the Chipped Rune Tablet for Gerlinde.

Player standing near the Vestige of Hooded Antuli Lords of the Fallen

In the Sunless Skein Mines/Vestige of Hooded Antuli area, keep moving forward until you reach an open space with enemies and a locked gate in front of you. You’ll need to open this gate eventually, but for now, take the path to the left. Ascend the stairs ahead, enter the right-hand passage, and continue moving forward.

When you encounter a locked gate, use your Umbral Lamp to bypass it and continue your journey. After some progress, you’ll come across a platform that you’ll step on, and it will break; don’t worry, it’s part of the path.

After dropping down, enter Umbral realm and follow the path ahead to find a bridge that will take you to the other side. Shortly after, you’ll encounter some poison gas to your left and stairs to your right. Take the stairs all the way up.

Player standing next to a lever Lords of the Fallen

Keep following the path, and eventually, you’ll reach the upper level of the same open area where you started. Here, you’ll interact with a lever that unlocks the first gate you encountered before.

Descend the ladder and proceed to the gate, then follow that path. You’ll eventually come across another locked gate that needs to be opened from the other side. From the locked gate, turn right, and you’ll find two locked gates that can be bypassed using your Umbral Lamp.

From this point, the path is straightforward, but be cautious of the poison water.

Player making his way out of the poison water to the stairs in front of him Lords of the Fallen

Once you reach the end of the poison water, take the stairs up and continue until you reach an open area with water blocking your path.

Your objective here is to lower the water level, so enter Umbral realm, if you are not in it already, where there will be no water. Go down where you’ll spot a ladder to the left.

Here, you need to Soulflay a Soulflay item to move a platform just above the ladder and then ascend the ladder.

A circle showing the Soulflay item next to the ladder Lords of the Fallen

Upon ascending the ladder, you’ll find a lever to your right, which can only be interacted with in the Axiom realm.

Fortunately, there’s a Vestige to the left, so rest there and return to activate the lever. This will lower a bridge, allowing you to proceed and lower the water level in this area.

Player using the Umbral Lamp to reveal a hidden bridge leading to the Sunless Skein Key Lords of the Fallen

After reaching the area with the key, drop down and follow the path to the right. This will take you to an open area.

As soon as you step outside, take the stairs to your right, which will lead you to a secondary boss fight with the Skinstealer.

While he’s not overly challenging, be cautious as he’s quick.

Player in the area where he fought Skinstealer , also the lift leading to Upper Calrath would be in front of him Lords of the Fallen

Once you defeat the Skinstealer, you’ll notice a lift in front of you. Step onto the lift and ride it up to Upper Calrath.

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