How To Get To Revelation Depths In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen offers many locations for you to explore as you embark on your quest to cleanse the beacons as a lampbearer. However, not all of these places are easily accessible. While most areas unlock as you progress through the game, some require specific actions to access.



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One of these places is Revelation Depths. Chances are, you’ve probably been in its vicinity without knowing how to reach it, as the way isn’t obvious. That’s why this guide is here to help you discover the path to this location.

How To Get To Revelation Depths

Player at Revelation Depths Lords of the Fallen

First, you need to reach Lower Calrath and progress until you face the boss, Spurned Progeny. Once you defeat this boss, you can access the Upper Calrath Mining District/Vestige of Doln by taking the left path from the boss arena.

Continue through this area until you reach the Sunless Skein Mines/Vestige of Hooded Antuli. Then, explore deeper into the mines until you reach the Sunless Skein Hoist/Vestige of Catrin.

Player standing near the area where the Vestige of Catrin is Lords of the Fallen

From this Vestige, follow the path to where you obtained the Sunless Skein Key. Afterward, drop down to the lower level and follow the path ahead. Eventually, you will come to an open area. Take the stairs on the right side, which leads to the boss fight with Skinstealer.

After you defeat him, he will drop the Drainage Control Key, which you’ll need shortly.

Player obtained the Drainage Control Key after defeating Skinstealer Lords of the Fallen

From the boss arena, enter Umbral realm, retrace your steps, and descend the stairs all the way down. You’ll eventually find an entrance on the left side. Head inside and continue forward until you reach a set of stairs next to a torch. Follow these stairs to the right, leading to a ladder. At the top of the ladder, you’ll find a locked door.

Use the Drainage Control Key to unlock it. Inside, interact with the lever to lower the water level, granting access to deeper areas.

The player is positioned in front of the lever accessible through the door unlocked by the Drainage Control Key in Lords of the Fallen

Return to where you came from the lever and descend the ladder. Continue ahead, then turn left to find an entrance right in front of you.

Enter it and jump down. You’ll spot another entrance on the right side. After entering that second entrance, immediately go left and follow the path.

The player is looking down at a group of cages situated below him Lords of the Fallen

As you approach the end of this path, you’ll notice some cages below that you can safely jump down to. Follow these cages, and they will lead you to an entrance on the left side.

From there, continue forward, and you will reach the Revelation Depths. You’ll receive a location prompt to confirm your arrival.

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