How To Get To Fontaine In Genshin Impact

True to its ambitious goal of releasing a new nation per year, Genshin Impact‘s 4.0 update brought us the release of Fontaine, the nation of the Hydro archon. There is a lot to see in this France-inspired region, and after a long wait, most travelers are itching to get started.



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The easiest way to travel to a new nation is to let the Archon Quest, the game’s main storyline, take you there. However, there is no need to get locked out of exploring new nations if you aren’t quite at that point yet. You can always get a head start in discovering the territory as long as you know the way there.

How To Get To Fontaine


As the land of the Hydro archon, it is only fitting that Fontaine will be separated from the rest of the nations by the ocean. Therefore, you will first need to get to the shore on the other side of Sumeru. This implies a long trek through the massive desert.

There are a few quests designed to aid you in exploring this, frankly, overwhelmingly big part of Sumeru. However, hardly any areas are restricted by having to clear these quests. Those that do require exploration as a part of a quest line are usually either underground or inside ruins, so you can just skip right past them and traverse the surface.

The shore you can sail to Fontaine from is in the Realm of Farakhkert, past the Vorukasha Oasis and Asipattravana Swamp. You will need to cross the Hills of Barsom, too.

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Heading north past the big, blossoming tree will lead you to a Teleport Waypoint at a tunnel’s entrance. This tunnel is called Chemin Oublie, and it was presumably dug to facilitate access to the Hydro Nation.

Getting across the tunnel is fairly easy, as it is straightforward and has no turns. You should be able to cross with no incident.

You will encounter a few enemies along the way; namely some Shroomkin, a couple of slimes, and a Hydro Hilichurl Rogue. You can always sprint past them, though, as they’re scattered enough that you wouldn’t need to engage them if you don’t want to.

You will quickly find yourself on the other side. There is another Waypoint at the edge of the Desert, overlooking the sea. You can see the imposing structure of the Romaritime Harbor from there. You’re halfway there!

If, for some reason, you prefer not to cross through Chemin Oublie, you can climb over it. There is a big Hilichurl camp where you can get an Exquisite Chest in alternative this route.

Next, you will need to climb down. There is a path you can follow, if you are the type to enjoy walking around the map. Or, you can glide down. Either way, you’ll want to head north towards the very edge of the shore, as you will find a Waverider Waypoint there. You will be using your Waverider to cross over to Fontaine.

You will arrive at the Romaritime Harbor. Once on the platform, head north again, towards the center. You will be able to see some stairs as you close in. Climb them, and you will gain access to the elevator. You just need to get on, and it will take you to the upper level where you can unlock the Statue of the Seven and officially gain access to fast-travel to Fontaine.

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