How To Get Thorne’s Vampiric Blade In Fortnite

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Season Four Chapter Four of Fortnite is full of various bosses to defeat for amazing loot. Kado Thorne is an especially tough boss who got a major upgrade for the Fortnitemares event. Now known as Revenant Kado Thorne, his vampiric abilities are on full display to destroy anyone who challenges him.



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Now replacing the original Kado Thorne form, this powerful boss can be encountered during Battle Royale matches. His giant health bar and strong weapons can send you back to the lobby in seconds if you’re not prepared. Here’s how you can find and defeat Revenant Kado Thorne to reap his rare loot.

How To Defeat Revenant Kado Thorne

Revenant Kado Thorne charging forward, ready to attack with his blade.

Revenant Kado Thorne is located inside the vault at the Eclipsed Estate. He is inside the room with the time machine, past the room with the four chests.

Be sure to loot these chests and any other chests you come across at the Eclipsed Estate. Prioritize any long-ranged weapons with scopes, Business Turrets, and Remote Explosives.

Kado wields his vampiric blade, Midas’ Drum Gun, and bloodsucking magic to fight off enemies. Midas’ Drum Gun and Thorne’s Vampiric Blade are effective at eliminating close-range enemies, so you have to fight Kado from a distance to defeat him. The time machine inside the vault is a big, indestructible object that makes for great cover.

The only ranged attack you have to worry about is Kado’s magic, which he can use to quickly drain your health. To avoid this attack, run away til you’re no longer within the area of effect. It’s your cue to start running when you begin glowing red, and bats start to appear near you.

Rewards For Defeating Revenant Kado Thorne

Swinging Thorne's Vampiric Blade on the cliffs east of the Eclipsed Estate.

Upon defeating Revenant Kado Thorne, he will drop Thorne’s Vampiric Blade and Midas’ Drum Gun. The vampiric blade functions similarly to the kinetic blade, allowing you to slash through enemies. The difference is that Thorne’s Vampiric Blade can siphon health or shields from enemies with each attack.

With Thorne’s Vampiric Blade, you can dash through forward or cut down opponents with a two-hit combo. The second hit of the combo has high knockback, sending enemies flying backward. The blade’s dash has three charges that take ten seconds each to restore.

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