How To Get The Redcap Skin For Free In Fortnite

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No matter how many video games clamor for your attention, there are always those games you’ll return to when you want something familiar. Life gets busy sometimes, and you may need to step away from certain titles. After all, there are only so many hours for gaming in a day.



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If you’ve been thinking of returning to the reality-looped world of Fortnite, it’s a good time to jump back into the game and bring along some friends. With Fortnite’s Refer A Friend 3.0 program you and a handful of friends can rock some free in-game loot, including a Redcap skin.

How To Qualify For The Refer A Friend 3.0 Program

Fortnite Refer A Friend 3.0 Reward showing the Recap Spray reward in Fortnite.

Not everyone will be able to get the Redcap themed rewards for the Refer A Friend 3.0 program. Here’s the breakdown of who will qualify to get the rewards:

  • The person who invites eligible friends.
  • Friends who have never played Fortnite.
  • Friends who played less than two hours of Battle Royale or Zero Build in all modes (solo, duo, trios, and squads) in the last 30 days.

How To Get The Refer A Friend 3.0 Rewards

Fortnite Refer A Friend 3.0 main page showing the Redcap skin and additional rewards in the lower portion of the image.

Before you and your friends jump into some games, you’ll need to invite them to the program by signing up on Epic’s website. If you don’t sign up first, you could ruin your chances of getting the rewards for a while.

On Epic’s Refer A Friend 3.0 website, you’ll click the blue link under the “How To Participate In Refer A Friend 3.0” section, or go directly to the Refer A Friend site. You’ll need to click on “Earn The Outfit” and log in with your Epic login information.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to invite friends. Only eligible friends should appear in the list you’ll see. If you don’t see the person you want to invite, there’s a search bar to type their Fortnite name.

Fortnite Refer A Friend 3.0 friend list showing eligible friends. Usernames have been removed from the list for privacy, but the eligible status is still shown.

Though the usernames have been removed for privacy in the image, you’ll see your friends’ usernames on the left side of the bar, and it should say “eligible” on the right side opposite their name if they qualify.

You can invite up to five friends, however, you’ll have to go through the invite process for each friend individually. Once you’ve invited up to five friends, your main page will change to a dashboard that lets you track everyone’s progress toward rewards.

Fortnite Refer A Friend 3.0 friends list dashboard shown for tracking progress.

Each person can only receive each reward once. It wouldn’t make sense to get multiple copies of the same in-game rewards anyway, and you and your friends should each get the rewards.

Progress information is updated every 60 minutes. If you just completed a task, wait and check the progress tracker again in an hour.

Once you complete a task, you will receive the rewards in-game just as you would get any of your other Fortnite Battle Pass rewards. If you don’t see the reward, check the dashboard in case you need to accept it there first.

You can claim, or even equip, the reward immediately and progress to the next task. Be sure to sign up and complete tasks together by January 9, 2024, 11:59 a.m. Eastern Time.

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