How To Get Married In Medieval Dynasty

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Throughout your time playing Medieval Dynasty, you will come across several villages with a campfire area. Around this area, you can find a wide variety of travelers, including potential love interests. Finding a wife is an important step to having an heir and setting up your dynasty.




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Although there are dozens of activities available for you to participate in, finding a wife and continuing your legacy will be one of the most important tasks. As the seasons pass, you will grow older, and you may be an old man before you know it. In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about affection and flirting with women.

Updated December 22, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: Medieval Dynasty has recently seen the launch of a co-op mode, which was accompanied by a brand-new map, called the Oxbow! We’ve updated this guide to cover marriage here as well, where you can play as a woman and marry a man.

How To Meet A Woman

love interest sitting around campfire

Women can be found throughout the entire valley, but not everyone will be searching for a partner. When talking to a woman, you will have the option to romance them, but they can decline. Sometimes, they just aren’t searching for a partner, while some women may already be married.

To find an eligible love interest, you should visit the campfire. Every town will have an easily accessible campfire, where men and women will gather. Here, you can approach a woman and begin to romance her.

Be sure to pay attention to the age of the woman you want to romance. If the age gap between you and the woman is more than ten years, she will not be interested.

Affection Levels

player standing in front of woman

If a woman is single and looking for a partner, you will need to romance her. This can be done by talking and choosing the ‘Romance’ option. When you click on this, a series of conversation choices will appear. Choose an option to say to the woman; if she is happy with what you say, you will gain affection.

Affection can range from 0 to 100. As you continue to chat with a woman, you can gain affection. With 100 affection points, you can marry the woman.

How To Gain Affection

player speaking to love interest

When flirting with a woman, pay attention to her personality. There are four types of personalities, which can be found below. These personalities are a bit generalized, however, women with the same personality can behave differently based on their own interests (i.e. cooking, hunting, weaving, etc.).

  • Snob
  • Romantic
  • Busy Bee
  • Free Spirit

Some conversations will always raise affection points. For example, if you choose “I admire your dedication to your work…” when the option is available, a woman will like the statement, and you will gain affection.

If you choose options that go against their personality, then you will lose affection points. You may also come across season-specific conversation choices. The conversation option “We should go out to have a lunch by the river sometime…” is a great choice in every season except the Winter. NPCs aren’t interested in having a nice lunch when it is freezing outside.

If your potential wife is located in a village far from your base location, you can ask her to join you. Doing so will cause her to move into a house within your village allowing you to talk to her every day.

There are dozens of conversation choices, but only a handful of choices will be selected. If you have talked to a woman too frequently or lost affection points, she will not want to talk with you. To talk to her again, you will need to wait until the next day.

Overall, you shouldn’t flirt with too many women. Doing so will cause the women to not be receptive to your flirting advances.

How To Figure Out Personality Types

the office reference line from nieradka

To discover a personality type, talk to a person. Under the small talk option, you can get a feel for personality types. After enough small talk, you will figure out the personality type of the NPC. These personalities apply to love interests, as well as every other NPC in the game. Once discovered, the personality type will display under their name.

Below, you can check out how the different personality types act.




Self-obsessed, talking about self

Loves when you praise her



Likes poetry

Busy Bee

Talks about work a lot

Free Spirit

Likes to have fun and tell jokes

Drinks a lot

With the Empathy skill on the Diplomacy Skill tree unlocked, you can see the personality of a villager immediately. If you struggle to get a read on villagers, we recommend unlocking this skill quickly.

Giving Gifts

villager standing at shop stall

Exotic goods vendors will appear in Gostovia, Hornica, and Jezerica. Their icon on the compass bar will appear with a ring next to it. From this vendor, you can buy expensive gifts to give your love interest or wife. Every item available from this vendor will reward you with affection points, regardless of what it is.

Keep in mind, these gifts are expensive. If you have enough money, they are a great way to quickly gain and maintain affection. If you don’t have enough money, you can just talk and gain affection through conversation.

While all gifts are good, each personality has a preference for their favorite gift. You can find these preferences below.




Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes



Busy Bee

Pouch of Spices

Free Spirit


You can give a woman any type of gift if you don’t have her favorite on hand. This will not cause you to lose affection with her; it will just be an average gain.

Getting Married

Medieval Dynasty talking to wife about taxes

Once you have 100 affection points, you will be able to declare your love and get married. Doing so will immediately cause your new wife to move into your house with you. If you choose to relocate houses, your wife will automatically change housing as well.

Your wife has a few unique characteristics as well. If you have taxes or a debt to pay, she will take the money for you.

Similar to other NPCs in the valley, your wife will have a set of skills. You will be able to assign her a job in your village; try to pick a job that aligns with her skills. Over time, the stats will increase if they stay on the same task.


knowledge tab for heir

While talking to your wife, you will have the option to have a child together. This child will be your heir, who will take over the village after you die; when this happens, you will play as the heir.

After choosing the option to have a child, you will need to talk to your wife again to begin the pregnancy process. Once pregnant, a green icon of a pregnant woman will appear next to her name.

Your wife will stay pregnant for three seasons (about nine months). After this period of time, she will give birth and be unable to work for the next two years. During this time, her job status will say ‘Mother’.

Wife Affection

player speaking to their wife

After you are married, your affection for your wife can fluctuate. Like a relationship in real life, you will need to keep talking to her after marriage. Make small talk, ask her questions, and give her gifts. If the affection with your wife is too low, then she might leave you and move away from your village.

Her affection won’t rapidly drop if you don’t speak to her for a day or two, but just be sure to say hi wherever you are near.

Who Is The Best Wife?

Three men sitting on wooden benches around a communal firepit

So, with all of this in mind, who is the best wife? Overall, the choice is up to you, but some wives have higher skills, making them a more efficient worker.

There are six different skills, and more often than not, your wife will be more proficient in one. We recommend finding a wife with high Hunting or Diplomacy skills. With proficiency in hunting, you can send her out to hunt and gather food for the village.

Diplomacy is a bit hard to level up, so having a wife with a high Diplomacy level can come in handy. When a villager has high Diplomacy, they become more efficient vendors at stalls that you have.

In general, try looking for a wife that has at least two skills that are level three. There is no ‘best’ wife option, as the women can vary. At the start of a season, new wives will spawn. Additionally, you can marry women who are just passing by.

Same-Sex Marriage And Character Customization

medeival dynasty four players posed facing out to hilly area

On the Oxbow map, you will be able to create your own character, which means that you can play as a woman. Unfortunately, you will not be able to marry a woman if you are already playing as one.

You will also not be allowed to marry another player.

If you are searching for a husband, the process is pretty similar to that of finding a wife. You will be able to gain their affection and eventually marry. Husbands will also have their own personality types, so be sure to unlock the Empathy on the Diplomacy tree mentioned above.

The known male personality types are shown below.




Makes jokes, which can be rude at times


Also slightly rude/risque


Hard Worker (similar to the female Busy Bee)


Likes to help people

Smart, but can’t joke around that well


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