How To Get Leather In V Rising

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  • How To Get Leather In V Rising
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Leather is an essential crafting material in V Rising – this is a survival game after all. You’ll need it to progress your gear score and unlock the next tier of bosses in the game, allowing you to unlock more loot and items for your base.

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So if you’ve found yourself here, you clearly want to know how to go about getting some leather. The process is a bit confusing, but we’ve compiled it all into this very short guide to help you get started.

Updated October 19, 2023, by Sean Murray: Leather is an important material for any vampire, but especially in V Rising. That’s why we’ve refreshed this guide with improved formatting and links to other helpful V Rising topics.

How To Get Leather In V Rising

Leather V Rising In Inventory

Here’s the multistep process to get Leather in V Rising.

  • Reach at least Gear Score 17 (the item next to your name)
  • This will unlock Keely The Frost Archer, a boss you can track via V Blood
  • Defeat the boss, unlock the Tannery recipe
  • Return to your base
  • Build the Tannery
  • Refine Animal Hide in the Tannery

That’s the very basic step-by-step version of the guide. Below we cover the various steps in more detail, like defeating Keely The Frost Archer, building the Tannery, and upgrading your armor.

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Defeat Keely The Frost Archer

Keely Frost Archer boss battle

To unlock the Tannery blueprint you need to first defeat Keely The Frost Archer. This is a level 20 Ranged enemy with multiple frost attacks.

  • Keely spawns in a Bandit camp. This camp is located in the Farbane Woods.
  • Do not fight here in the day. It makes it a lot harder.
  • You should be around level 17 gear score before you take on this fight. Higher than that is great, but not a neccessity – especially if you’re fighting with friends.
  • This fight isn’t that hard: dodge her attacks with your dash, get behind her, and use your Shadowbolt whenever it’s available.
  • Watch out for her Frost Bat attack, as if it hits you, you will be frozen in place for a short time.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, check the camp for these key things: Chests and Coarse Thread. Coarse Thread is an item drop from Bandits at Keely’s camp, so make sure to kill them and harvest their goods while you’re there.

You will need to this upgrade to the Nightstalker set. You will need this armor to defeat more powerful bosses, like Polora The Feywalker. Also, don’t forget to check the camp for Chests.

Here’s where Keely spawns:

keely boss battle location

You will also get access to the Traveller’s Wrap, Empty Canteen, and Leather recipes.

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Build The Tannery

V Rising Tannery

Now you’ve defeated Keely you will have unlocked access to the Tannery via the Refinement build menu.

  • This workbench requires eight planks and 160 Animal Hide.
  • Place it down.
  • Add Animal Hide (you get this from just killing animals)
  • Wait for the Leather to be crafted

Use this leather to upgrade your armor to the Nightstalker set.

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