How To Get Frost Fuzz In Fae Farm

The world of Azoria in Fae Farm is bountiful and provides plenty of plants to forage and farm. Some crops can be bought, and others need to be discovered using special types of soil beds and Magic Swap Fertilizer. Then, of course, there are the separate ingredients used in potions and cooking. That’s a lot to find.



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You can use the Garden Bench and Almanac to help you find out what crops you still need to discover, but the Potion Brewing Cauldron is different. While you can see the ingredients you need for a potion, sometimes you still need help to figure out how to obtain them.

How To Get Frost Fuzz

Fae Farm Potion Ingredients Station menu showing, with Frost Fuzz as the result in the middle section of the picture.

The Potion Ingredients Station can show you which items can be used in the station. The Potion Brewing Cauldron can show you ingredients you need for potions, but not necessarily how to get those ingredients.

One of the ingredients used in potions is Frost Fuzz, which comes from Frost Thistles. While many of the forageable items change during the seasons, Frost Thistles do not.

You can only obtain Frost Thistles by unlocking the snowy area known as the Frozen Plateau. You may find some Frost Thistles on the Frozen Farm plot as well once you have that unlocked.

Fae Farm Frost Thistles in the Frozen Plateau next to an avatar. The thistles are pointed out by an orange arrow.

To unlock the Frozen Plateau you will need to reach level 25 in the Saltwater Mines, and level 25 in the Floating Ruins mine. You’ll have to complete the requests of the entities in each of those mines, along with a few related quests.

If you get a quest to meet Zido, make sure to do that one as it begins the process of unlocking the Frozen Plateau. Once you’re able to navigate the Frozen Plateau you’ll probably want to keep stocked up on Frost Thistles and Frost Fuzz.

How To Get Frost Fuzz From Frost Thistles

Fae Farm avatar standing between a Potion Ingredient Station and a Potion Brewing Cauldron.

If you’ve neglected building some of the stations while you try to progress in Fae Farm, you may need to craft some stations. You’ll definitely need a Potion Ingredients Table and a Potion Brewing Cauldron.

You can craft those from the crafting menu by pressing ‘c’ or the down arrow if you’re in an area that allows you to craft. You’ll see a little hammer at the bottom of your screen if you’re in a crafting area.

Once you’ve got the Potion Ingredients Table and a Potion Brewing Cauldron you’ll need to process the Frost Thistles in the Potion Ingredients Table first. It takes four Frost Thistles to produce one container of Frost Fuzz.

You may need to upgrade your sickle before you can harvest Frost Thistles.

What To Make With Frost Fuzz

Fae Farm Medium Fireproof Potion in the storage menu. Fireproof Potions are made with Frost Fuzz.

Frost Fuzz is used in many potions that are helpful to navigating certain areas of Azoria. You can use Frost Fuzz to make the following potions:

  • Small Fireproof Potion
  • Medium Fireproof Potion
  • Large Fireproof Potion
  • Small Bubble Potion
  • Medium Bubble Potion
  • Large Bubble Potion
  • Medium Sadness Potion
  • Large Sadness Potion

Frost Fuzz sells for 24 florins apiece if you have an overabundance of the ingredient, but it’s more useful in potions. You’ll continually need potions, so it won’t hurt to have plenty of ingredients available.

You can use Sadness Potions to help you water your crops.

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