How To Get Flax Flowers And Seeds To Tame Spirits In Moonstone Island

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Mixing both life-sim and monster-taming game mechanics, Moonstone Island is a cute, cozy, and unique take on the two genres. You’ll start with one of three starter Spirits, and from there, you’ll be able to tame over 60 different Spirits across eight elemental types as you explore different islands, mines, and dungeons.



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In this guide, we’ll tell you how to obtain the Flax Flowers you’ll need for taming, where you can find Spirits, and how to feed and tame the Spirits you’ll come across in the game. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Obtain Flax Flowers And Seeds

Player character standing next to two small, blue Flax Flowers on the beach on southeastern Moonstone Island in Moonstone Island.

Taming wild Spirits requires feeding them either Flax Flowers or Flax Seeds during battle.

Flax Flowers are small, light blue flowers that are grown in and found primarily in Spring on various Elemental islands, such as Moonstone Island or Water Elemental islands.

They can be picked up to obtain a single Flax Flower or cut down with a Scythe to obtain one to three seeds.

They can be found in the forest area to the north, as well as at the beach in the southeast on Moonstone Island.

How To Find Spirits

Player character standing in the grass on a beacj near a wild Cloudio Spirit located on a Water Island at night in Moonstone Island.

Spirits can be found in several biomes as you progress through the game, and often, the type of Spirit you’ll find will be related to where you find them.

They can be found on wild Spirit-filled Islands reachable by Broom or Balloon, dungeons, or in unexplored mines you can find occasionally when breaking rocks.

Wild spirits wander around in a small radius, but if you get too close to them, most spirits will charge at you and initiate battle.

How To Tame Spirits

Player character in a battle against a wild Fluffox in a mine with the Feed inventory open and selecting a Flax Flower to feed to it in Moonstone Island.

In the battle menu, wild Spirits will have a blue heart next to their health bar on the upper right hand of the screen. This is their taming meter, and you’ll need to fill up this heart by feeding them.

Selecting the Feed option opens up your inventory, where you can select a Flax Flower or Flax Seed to feed the Spirit with. Seeds will fill a wild Spirit’s taming bar by a small, random amount and Flax Flowers fill a wild Spirit’s bar by ten.

You’re able to feed them up to three times a turn, and you do not need to lower their HP or break their armor to be able to feed them.

Each time you feed a Spirit, the heart will fill up with green and once it’s completely filled up, the Spirit will be tamed.

It can take anywhere from a single flower to multiple flowers to tame a Spirit, with most Spirits requiring two or three flowers to tame.

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