How To Get Fireglow In Spiritfarer

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Fireglow is one of the many materials required to upgrade both your boat and the buildings on your boat in Spiritfarer. You’ll need to farm plenty of materials to upgrade everything, and while some of these items are relatively easy to find, others are a lot rarer, and some can only be obtained by triggering specific events.



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Fireglow is an event-related resource, so it can only be farmed when you trigger the Fireflies event, which can only be accessed once you have recruited Gustav to your boat. For everything you need to know about how to unlock the Fireflies event and how to obtain this item, we’ve got it all covered right here.

Updated October 23, 2023, by Sean Murray: Fireglow is certaily a unique ingredient, which is why we’ve updated this guide with its recipes so you know what sort of cuisine Fireglow can produce. We’ve also given this guide more links to other helpful Spiritfarer topics.

Five Views of Mount Furogawa

Spiritfarer finding Gustav

Before you can take part in the Fireflies events on the world map, you’ll first need to have Gustav aboard your boat.

His spirit can be found on the island of Furogawa (Coordinates -150, 67), but you’ll need to complete the “Five Views of Mount Furogawa” quest before he will join you.

After speaking with Gusav’s spirit at Furogawa, you will be directed to find a wood print for him:

  • Talk to Theodore Raccoon at his shop
  • Return to Gustav, who will give you a small figurine and direct you to Susan’s Museum
  • Travel to Susan’s Museum (Coordinates: -150, 150). You will need the Ice Breaker upgrade for your boat, which you can get from Albvert’s Shipyard.
  • Give Susan the figurine and retrieve the missing wood print
  • Return to Furogawa and give the wood print to Gustav

Where to Find the Fireglow Events

Spiritfarer Fireglow event on map

Once you have Gustav, you can take part in the Fireflies event that can be found on the map, as shown above. Sail into one of these Fireflies areas and then Gustav will prompt you to begin the event.

Even after you have taken Gustav to the Everdoor, you can still take part in the Fireflies event by interacting with the door to his house once you have arrived at the event location.

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How to Get Fireglow

Spiritfarer Fireglow event on boat

Once the event begins, hordes of fireflies will begin swarming towards your boat. The red fireflies are holding Fireglow Seeds, so these are the ones you want to aim for.

If the red fireflies are offscreen, a square indicator will appear on the edge of the screen to show where they are.

Jump around your boat to collect as many of the red fireflies as possible to increase the number of seeds you are rewarded with. Collecting the yellow fireflies will get you glims.

Spiritfarer planting fireglow seeds

Once the event has ended and you have your Fireglow Seeds, plant them into a Garden plot to grow the Fireglow plant, which you can later harvest to obtain Fireglow.

Fireglow Recipes

Fireglow is classified as a vegetable (even though it appears to be on fire) and is used to craft several recipes in the kitchen.





Flamin’ Firebirdz




Cough Drops

Fireglow, Honey

Healthy, Stimulant


Aloo Gobi

Fireglow, Potato



Chai Latte

Fireglow, Milk

Exotic, Stimulant



Fireglow, Rice Flour

Exotic, Soup



Fireglow, Corn Flour

Exotic, Breakfast



Fireglow, Chicken

Exotic, Comfort


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