How To Get Crystal Shard In Endless Dungeon

Crystal Bot is the most valuable item in the Roguelite world of Endless Dungeon, and here’s how you can upgrade it to give it various buffs.

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Being a Roguelite game, Endless Dungeon will have you visit the same districts and the same floors over and over again. Each time you start a new run, most of your upgrades will get reset and you’ll have to get them again. One of the main upgrades that you need to progress further is the Crystal Bot.



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Crystal Bot is like the president of this game since you have to protect it at any cost. The only two ways your run can end is if all your characters die or if your Bot loses all its health. One of the best ways to keep this Bot alive is by getting various upgrades.

How To Upgrade Crystal Bot

Endless Dungeon Crystal Bot Upgrade Screen

You only have two ways to upgrade the Crystal Bot, one of them being permanent while the other one is unique to a specific run. Here’s how you can do this:

  • As you go through your first few runs, you’ll unlock the Workshop where you can use Cells to unlock certain Chips for the Bot. These Chips can be equipped on the Bot to start the run with the buffs provided by those Chips.
  • However, the main way to get an upgrade for the Crystal Bot is by locating Crystal Shards in the dungeon. This is a golden-colored item that needs mining from the Bot itself. Once you get a Shard, you can choose one from the three random upgrades shown.

You also have the option to use one Dust to refresh the upgrades if you don’t like them, however, this isn’t recommended.

How To Get Crystal Shard

Endless Dungeon Crystal Bot Digging Upgrade Material

If you go near the Crystal Bot without a Crystal Shard, it’ll say that you’ll need one if you want to perform an upgrade. These Shards can randomly be found in certain rooms across the dungeon. When there’s a Shard in the room, you’ll see a golden icon on the mini-map as well, but it’s quite risky to get this Shard.

You’ll have to go near the Shard and ask the Crystal Bot to go there and mine it. However, this triggers the waves and enemies will spawn from every spawner on the map. It’s important to consider the following before you decide to go for a Shard:

  • If you’re confident that your defenses can hold every single spawner while the Bot mines the Shard, you should go for it.
  • Sometimes, the Shards are located between two Crystal Bot holders. You can locate the next holder you need to move the bot to and then get the Shard in between.

As the Crystal Bot gets to the Shard, it’ll mine it for a few seconds and then start following your active Hero. You have to escort it back to one of the holders to stop the waves. You can also get certain upgrades where the Bot recovers some health while mining.

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