How To Get Core Manor And Midtown Home In Akila City In Starfield

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Having a cozy home that you can decorate and spend some time in is an important aspect of RPG games like Starfield. However, you might not find as many homes that can be called cozy in this game due to its interstellar nature, especially when it comes to a poor place like Akila City.

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This city can be found in the Cheyenne Star System just below the sun, and it’s guarded by the Freestar Collective faction. If you want to get a home here, you’ll have to follow a specific path to find the NPC selling them.

Updated October 19, 2023: We’ve added a video version of this guide to help you become a homeowner in the Starfield universe.

Where To Buy Houses In Akila City

Starfield Path To Buying Home In Akila City

Akila’s structure is quite complicated, and it’s easy to get lost in it. If you want to find the NPC selling houses, you have to first enter through the main doors and keep heading straight until you reach the giant building where you go through the Freestar Ranger faction quests. It’s hard to miss this building since it’s one of the tallest in the city.

Starfield Green Shed Behind Main Akila City

Once you reach the building’s doors, you’ll see a pathway to its right with stairs leading up. Follow these stairs until you reach the very top and you’ll see the back side of the Freestar Collective building with a green-colored shed on it. As soon as you reach this part, turn left and you’ll see an NPC called Ngodup standing with an orange jacket.

As you talk to Ngodup, he’ll tell you about the two houses that you can buy:

  • The Core Manor
  • The Midtown Home

Which Home Should You Pick?

Starfield Akila City Core Home

When you talk to Ngodup about the two houses, you’ll notice that the price difference between the two is quite a lot. You’ll have to spend 78,000 Credits for the Core Manor and 45,000 for the Midtown Home (also known as the Stretched Apartment). The door to Core Manor is right behind him, but you’ll have to go quite far to find the Midtown Home.

Here are all the differences between the two houses other than the distance:

Core Manor

This house looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing, but it might feel smaller than the Stretched Apartment since it has two exits in such a small space.

Moreover, there isn’t any place designated for a bedroom and the small hallway near the second exit sticks out like a sore thumb.

Stretched Apartment

The Stretched Apartment isn’t painted properly and the space in it is a lot more restrictive. You have designated areas for your bedroom right beside the bathroom, but there’s hardly any place for placing your workbenches.

At the end of the day, the choice depends on what you want to do with the house. The price difference between the two houses might be a lot, but it’s not difficult to rack up on Credits in Starfield.

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