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Once you’ve defeated Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal and reached Skyrest in Lords Of The Fallen, you’ll encounter several NPCs in the area, including Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis. You can find Stomund near the Vestige, and when you first talk to him, he acts as a merchant.



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Although Stomund doesn’t initially mention needing assistance or anything of the sort, at some point in the game, you’ll be surprised to find that he has left his location and left a note behind. This is the starting point of his questline.

Acquire Stomund’s Note And The Pilgrim’s Perch Key

Right: The Pilgrim's Perch Key item description - Left: Player standing in front of Stomund Lords of the Fallen

Naturally, you should begin Stomund’s quest by speaking to him when you arrive at Skyrest. During your first encounter, he’ll engage in dialogue with you, but if you interact with him, you will be able to browse the items he has for sale.

At some point in the game, when you return to his usual location, you won’t find Stomund there anymore. Instead, there will be a lootable item just to the right of where he was standing. When you pick it up, you’ll obtain Stomund’s Note and the Pilgrim’s Perch Key.

While the exact moment Stomund leaves Skyrest isn’t clear, there are two instances we are certain of. The first is after defeating the Spurned Progeny boss, and the second is after reaching Upper Calrath.

Whichever you do first, make sure to revisit Skyrest and interact with the loot.

Once you’ve picked up Stomund’s Note, you can proceed to interact with Eustace and Nathaniel. They will provide further information about the circumstances surrounding their captain’s departure from Skyrest and mention that he left for the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

Where To Find Stomund

Manse Of The Hallowed Brothers Location

Player standing in front of Stomund at Manse of the Hallowed Brothers Lords of the Fallen

In order to access the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, you need to use the Pilgrim’s Perch Key that you obtained earlier at the bell door located at the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom/Vestige of Blind Agatha. This key will unlock the door, allowing you to progress along this path.

By following it all the way up, you’ll eventually reach the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

While exploring this area, you’ll encounter a locked door that can only be opened with Abbot Vernoff’s Key. This key can be found inside the main building, located near the altar.

An arrow showing the location of Stomund at Manse of the Hallowed Brothers Lords of the Fallen

After unlocking the door, you’ll encounter two paths. One leads to a large tower, the Tower of Penance, straight ahead, and the other is to your left, where you’ll find a door. Head towards the door and open it to find Stomund. Be sure to exhaust all of his dialogue during this interaction.

This interaction will prompt him to advance further to the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, where you’ll need to locate him next.

Abbey Of The Hallowed Sisters Location

Player standing in front of Stomund at Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters Lords of the Fallen

From the point where you met Stomund, continue forward until you reach the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters/Vestige of Rosamund.

Make your way towards the door on the left side of the vestige and proceed. After climbing the stairs, you’ll encounter a barrier blocking your path. Enter Umbral realm and Soulflay the item there to gain access.

As you follow the path to its end, it will lead you to exit the building. At this point, you’ll encounter a point with two paths.

If you choose the right path, you’ll unlock a shortcut to the Vestige.

Move towards the stairs in front of you and climb them, and eventually, you’ll encounter the enemy Ardent Penitent, recognized by the spiked headgear. He will rush towards you as soon as he spots you, so be ready to dodge. At the end of this passage, you’ll find an entrance on the left side.

Player running toward the Ardent Penitent enemy Lords of the Fallen

In this area, you’ll discover an open space with a tree in the center. Your goal is to reach the stairs in the top left corner of this room. Right after climbing the stairs, you’ll notice some wooden barrels to your right. Dodge through them, and you’ll find Stomund standing there.

Interact with him, and he will share more about his mission, but he will also ask you to bring him some banners. To advance through his quest at this point, you’ll need to locate two banners in the game, both of which are relatively close to this location.

Where To Find The Banners

Damaged Standard Location

Damaged Standard item description Lords of the Fallen

The first banner can be found at the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

To reach it, backtrack to the area where you unlocked the door using Abbot Vernoff’s Key. From the fountain in that area, head to the left, and you’ll notice an entrance blocked by wooden barriers next to some stairs. Use your Umbral Lamp to bypass it.

An arrowing showing an entrance blocked by wooden barriers Lords of the Fallen

Inside, you’ll come across an elevator that will take you down. At the bottom, proceed straight ahead and unlock the door in front of you. At the end of this passage, you’ll be able to collect the Damaged Standard.

Tattered Banner Location

Tattered Banner item description Lords of the Fallen

The second banner is located at the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.

To find it, progress through the area until you reach a large room with statues and blood, right next to an Umbral Flowerbed. Inside this room, you can find the Rune of Adyr.

Some have suggested that picking up the Rune of Adyr might prevent you from progressing through Stomund’s quest. However, in our case, this didn’t happen, and we were able to continue with his quest without any issues.

Just to stay on the safe side, you might want to avoid picking up the rune just to ensure the quest’s progress remains uninterrupted.

Player standing in the room where there is the Rune of Adyr Lords of the Fallen

Inside this room, head to the left and take the entrance leading to a set of stairs. Climb to the upper floor and then head right.

As you progress, you’ll come across an entrance leading to an open area outside the building. Here, enter Umbral realm if you’re not already in it and proceed to the gazebo right in front of you.

An arrow directing the player toward a gazebo Lords of the Fallen

At the gazebo, Soulflay the Umbral Belly, and you’ll collect a Saintly Quintessence, which is used to upgrade your Sanguinarix.

Performing this action will trigger an enemy to appear behind you, so be prepared to defeat it. Afterward, the enemy will drop a Tattered Banner.

Once you’ve collected the two banners, it’s important not to progress further in the game and reach the Empyrean, as doing so will ruin the entire quest.

Completing Stomund Quest

Player have the option to hand over both Tattered Banner and Damaged Standard to Stomund Lords of the Fallen

Before handing over the banners to Stomund, be sure to purchase everything you need from him. This will be your final opportunity to acquire any items he has for sale.

Once you’ve secured the two banners, return to Stomund at his last known location and hand over the banners to him. Make sure to exhaust all of his dialogue during this interaction.

After doing so, proceed with the game and reach the next location, the Empyrean/Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight.

Upon exiting the Vestige room and heading straight ahead, just before the last set of stairs to the right, you’ll come across a loot in a body impaled with a banner. Sadly, this is Stomund, and his quest doesn’t have a happy ending.

Player standing next to Stomund body in his final location at the Empyrean. This finish his quest and unlock the Faithful trophy/achievement Lords of the Fallen

As a reward for your efforts, the loot contains the following items:

  • Stomund’s Flail
  • Stomund’s Shield
  • Stomund’s Gauntlets
  • Stomund’s Armor
  • Banner of Our Immaculate Lady

By successfully completing Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis’ quest in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll earn the Faithful Trophy/Achievement.

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