How To Get And Use Diamonds In Geometry Dash

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While it’s seen many iterations since its original version, Geometry Dash has managed to remain one of the most frustrating games around. If the challenge of completing levels wasn’t enough, players can also collect resources like diamonds, which can be used to unlock secrets inside the game.




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While there are several different ways to collect diamonds, many of them require hard work and repeating some of the hardest levels for dozens of attempts. However, if you put in the time, you’ll be rewarded with a rare resource.

How To Get Diamonds

A screenshot from Geometry Dash showing a chest opened with different currency, including 225 of the base currency, nine diamonds, and one fire shards

Diamonds are one of the currencies for unlockables in Geometry Dash, with players receiving a few to several when they open the two chests available daily.

The small chest is available every four hours, and the large chest is available after 24 hours. They’re selectable from the ‘Daily’ icon on the main menu.

Outside the free diamonds given to every player, other level-based options will reward you with different amounts depending on your skill and the difficulty of the obstacles. In addition to the chests, you can get diamonds through certain levels, which are selectable through the level editor icon in the main menu.

Progressing In The Daily Level Or Weekly Demon

A screenshot from Geometry Dash's level editor menu, showing the Daily and Weekly icons highlighted in an orange square

Geometry Dash loves challenging its players with custom levels created by the community, placed in the Daily Level and Weekly Demon spots inside the level editor menu. Once accessed from the tool icon on the main menu, you’ll see both the Daily and Weekly Demon levels.

There are multiple ways that you can earn diamonds from the Daily Level and Weekly Demon, including:

  • Progressing far enough in either level, with harder levels requiring less progress to start earning.
  • Completing either level, with the Daily providing diamonds and the Weekly providing a Demon-emblem chest.

A screenshot from Geometry Dash showing the Weekly Demon with the available Diamonds earned through progression shown in the bottom left.

When completing the Daily Level or Weekly Demon, it will show you how many Diamonds can be earned from progression at the bottom left of the level’s description. In the case of the daily level, it will show you how many diamonds are available upon completion of the level at the bottom.

Finish Daily Quests

A screenshot from the Daily and Weekly Level Editor, showing the Daily Quests icon at the top right of the screen

For those who like having a benchmark to aim for, the daily quests allow players to earn a pre-determined amount of diamonds. The quests seem to be heavily focused on collecting resources, meaning players must play several levels each day to get them all.

These rewards aren’t extravagant, but they’ll help you slowly add to your total with more diamonds than you could typically get from a chest.

Completing All Five Levels Of A Gauntlet

A screenshot from Geometry Dash showing The Lost Gauntlet screen, with a fire, ice, and poison gauntlet shown. There is an orange circle around the chests at the bottom of each gauntlet

Gauntlets are the predecessor to the mobile release, Geometry Dash World. These levels, which the developer or official player contests can create, allow you to complete five levels on a path that gets increasingly difficult.

When you complete all five levels, you’ll be awarded a large chest with diamonds. There are currently 19 gauntlets in the game, with a total of 95 levels to complete.

A screenshot from Geometry Dash showing the Gauntlet level description, with an orange circle around the diamond progression tracker, which gives up to seven diamonds

As with the Weekly Demons and Daily levels, you’ll earn diamonds as you progress through the Gauntlet’s levels, with the total amount being shown underneath the level’s difficulty.

These are also based on the level’s difficulty, and you’ll get more diamonds for less progression when you start reaching harder difficulties.

What Are Diamonds Used For?

A screenshot from Geometry Dash showing the level editor screen with an orange circle around a padlock in the top right corner

Diamonds are a resource that can be earned and used in unlockable areas like The Vault of Secrets, a prompt menu that can give you new icons and other special rewards.

There are also rare shops that sell community icons and unique cosmetics that can only be purchased when you’ve banked enough diamonds. These upgrades are automatic, with shops unlocking once you reach diamond counts of a few hundred to a couple of thousand.

The Vault of Secrets is the cheapest unlock with Diamonds, accessible in the top right corner of the level editor menu, where it will cost you 50 diamonds to unlock.

You can use diamonds to unlock secrets and cosmetics at certain intervals, with new icons when you hit every few thousand more.


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