How To Get All Poppin Recipes In Paleo Pines

Paleo Pines is a compelling, relaxing game that has you farming, making friends with neighbours, and… oh yes… taming dinosaurs. Actual, factual dinosaurs. These dinos are thankfully less aggressive here than they’re shown to be in other games and pieces of media, and they can even help out on the farm, once they’ve decided to be your friends!



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Of course, taming dinosaurs isn’t exactly an easy task. First, you need to calm them down and intrigue them with soothing flute music, and then you must get them in the right sweet spot before feeding them a tasty Poppin, a treat created by Pebble Plaza’s own Pippin.

How To Unlock Every Poppin Recipe

Feeding a dinosaur a Poppin in Paleo Pines

When you’re first introduced to Poppins as the secret treat that lets you tame a dinosaur, you’ll only have access to a single variety: Crunchy Poppins. However, the game will prompt you to tame a Styracosaurus, and those are dinos with a different taste preference: they like Juicy food.

There are five different ‘tastes’ in the game, and all dinosaurs have a different favourite. To match, there are five different Poppin recipes, and all are unlocked by talking to Pippin at a certain time.

We haven’t narrowed down the exact cause of Pippin allowing you to unlock a new recipe, but we believe it happens when you try to tame a dinosaur that prefers a taste that you haven’t unlocked the right Poppin recipe for yet.

For example, if you tried to tame a Fragrant-loving Kentrosaurus without having the Fragrant Poppin recipe, you might be prompted to unlock that recipe when you next talk to Pippin.

When you’re prompted to ask Pippin to come up with a new recipe (when there’s an exclamation point above their head), they’ll ask you to supply a crop that has that taste, so they can use it as a reference. This means growing, finding, or purchasing a suitable piece of food and giving it to Pippin.

Pippin can only make one new Poppin variety per day. They’ll ask you which flavour you want to unlock if there are multiple, and you can pick any from the list available.

The table below lists every Poppin in the game.

Poppin Recipe

Example Crops To Use

Crunchy Poppin

N/A – available from the start.

Juicy Poppin

Tamablume, Apple, Clover

Earthy Poppin

Clover, Potato, Mushroom

Fragrant Poppin

Peach, Dandelion, Wheat

Spicy Poppin

Herb, Spring Onion

Once you’ve provided the right crop to Pippin, they’ll hand you the new Poppin for free and also let you purchase them from then on at their shop!

After unlocking your fifth and final Poppin recipe, you’ll earn the Flavor Of The Month achievement!

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