How To Get A Wiring Loom In No Man’s Sky

Used in a huge range of different crafting recipes, the Wiring Loom is essential for many items in No Man’s Sky. Here’s how to get one.

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The Wiring Loom is an essential crafting item and repair item in No Man’s Sky, but the game doesn’t do an amazing job at telling you how to get one or what they’re even used for. In actuality, they can be quite crucial if you’re looking to invest heavily in crafting.



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This guide covers the multitude of ways to acquire a Wiring Loom and what sort of crafting recipes the item is used in. Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Wiring Loom in No Man’s Sky.

Updated September 23, 2023: We’ve given this guide a lick of paint and made sure that it’s as concise, informative, and readable as it needs to be.

How Do You Get A Wiring Loom In No Man’s Sky?


There are three ways to get a Wiring Loom in No Man’s Sky:

  • They can be purchased at a Galactic Trade Terminal at a space station or aboard your freighter. They generally cost anywhere between 50,000 and 75,000 Units.
  • Wiring Looms can be retrieved after dismantling Obsolete Technology, but as this is quite hard to do (you need old tech to be patched out during an update), this is not a reliable method to get Wiring Looms.
  • You can find Wiring Looms at some Technologists at planetary outposts. They also cost 75,000 units.

You cannot craft Wiring Looms, only purchase them. It was only after the NEXT update – when some exocraft/suit technologies were removed – that they were made available by other means.

Every purchase you make in a system will have an impact on local prices. As a result, buying multiple Wiring Looms from a single space station is not a good idea. You should visit several spots if you need to pick up lots of Wiring Looms.

What Do You Need Wiring Looms For?

NMS - wiring loon

The Wiring Loom is used to craft a huge variety of items, some more useful than others. Wiring Looms are used in recipes that cover the following item categories:

  • Starship upgrades.
  • Multi-tool upgrades.
  • Exosuit upgrades.
  • Exocraft upgrades.
  • Freighter technology.

Wiring Looms have also been used by players in No Man’s Sky to “crash” the economy, although subsequent balance patches and changes have made this trickier than before.

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