How To Get A Shepp In Palia

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Palia lets you interact with a wide range of NPCs, becoming friends with them and even starting a possible romance. While playing this relaxing MMO, you will be able to have a Shepp, which is essentially a villager that serves as your mentor. A Shepp is meant to guide and teach you about living in Kilima VIllage.



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In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can get your very own Shepp. Overall, the process can take a while but thankfully, it’s rather straightforward. Now, let’s first look at any quests you will need to complete before getting a Shepp.

Prerequisites To Getting A Shepp

palia eshe up close

Before getting a Shepp, you will need to complete a few quests for Eshe, which you can find below.



Prove Your Devotion

This is a multi-part quest that teaches you the values of Palian culture.

Prove Your Generosity

Fulfill five player requests and five weekly villager item requests.

Prove Your Purpose

Reach level 5 in any skill.

Once you’ve completed these quests, you will receive ‘Find Your Shepp’ from Eshe.

How To Get A Shepp

Palia picture showing the friendship menu with Hodari selected.

To get a Shepp, you will first need to reach level four friendship with any adult villager. This can be done by speaking to the villager in question, as well as giving them gifts. The process is meant to be long, as you will need to visit the villager each day to increase your friendship.

Below, you can check out the villagers that are able to become Shepps. Overall, just talk to the villager you want every day, and make sure to give them gifts.

When the quest is active, you can head to a villager and say, “Will you be my Shepp?”. At level four friendship, they should accept your offer and become your Shepp.

Once you’ve asked, head back to Eshe to complete the quest. From here, you will be able to attend the Acceptance Ceremony as part of the next step in the main quest.

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