How To Garden And Grow Crops In Palia

Palia has a variety of skills for players to work towards improving, such as Mining, Foraging, and Gardening. Not only does Gardening provide you with a variety of crops to gift to Kilima’s villagers, earn gold, and cook into delicious food dishes. Raising your Gardening skill also unlocks several exclusive furniture rewards once you max it out and begin to obtain Gardening medals.



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We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to unlock Gardening as a skill, how to obtain seeds, how to obtain more soil plots, the steps involved in gardening, and how to obtain and utilize both Fertilizer and crop buffs.

How To Unlock Gardening

Player character speaking to Badruu by his apple orchard in the early morning in Palia.

Gardening and its related skill are unlocked during the tutorial quest Gardening 101.

This quest is given to you by Badruu during the main quest, Learning the Ropes, and it introduces you to gardening as a whole.

It also provides you with your starter gardening tools, a Makeshift Hoe and a Makeshift Watering Can, four Carrot Seeds, four Onion Seeds, and two soil plots to start off with. Completing it also rewards you with one Wheat Seed.

How To Buy Seeds From Zeki

Player character in Zeki's General Store inventory, showing purchasable seeds such as Carrot and Onion seeds, in Palia.

As you garden and harvest crops, you’ll often need to replant them in order to start the process all over again.

When you need more seeds, there are two main ways to obtain more: Zeki’s General Store and the Seed Collector crafter.

Zeki’s General Store offers a selection of almost every seed in the game, but you’ll be paying Gold for each packet. All seed types are available initially except for Spicy Pepper Seeds, which require Gardening level six.

Zeki’s Wondrous Machine also has a low chance of dropping sets of seeds when giving it Zeki’s Lucky Coins.

Two other seeds, Apple Tree Seeds and Blueberry Tree Seeds, can be purchased from Badruu’s Gardening store, given as a reward from quests, or obtained from Zeki’s Wondrous Machine.

Seed Type


Growth Time In In-game Days

Quest Reward From

Apple Tree Seed

280 Gardening Medals

12 Days

Nai’o’s level 3 friendship quest, Nobody Won.

Zeki’s level 3 friendship quest, Magical Mystery Machine.

Blueberry Bush Seed

45 Gardening Medals

9 Days

Badruu’s level 3 friendship quest, Music To My Ears.

How To Obtain Seeds From The Seed Collector

Player character in the Seed Maker inventory and converting star-quality Cotton into star-quality Cotton Seeds in Palia.

The other main method of obtaining seeds is via the Seed Collector, whose recipe can be purchased from Badruu’s Gardening Guild Store upon reaching Gardening level two.

The Seed Collector takes sets of fully grown, harvested crops and turns them back into seed packets after a harvesting process, and generally doubles, triples, or quadruples seeds obtained.

Using the Seed Collector on star-quality crops retains their star-quality status and turns them into star-quality seed packets.

Crop Amount

Seed Return

Time To Make Seeds

Carrot x1

Carrot Seeds x4

18 Minutes

Onion x1

Onion Seeds x4

24 Minutes

Potato x1

Potato Seeds x4

1 Hour and 24 Minutes

Tomato x3

Tomato Plant Seeds x2

30 Minutes

Wheat x1

Wheat Seeds x4

42 Minutes

Rice x1

Rice Seeds x4

42 Minutes

Blueberry x4

Blueberry Bush Seeds x2

1 Hour and 21 Minutes

Apple x10

Apple Tree Seed x1

2 Hours and 22 Minutes

Cotton x1

Cotton Seed x3

36 Minutes

Corn x1

Corn Seeds x4

48 Minutes

Spicy Pepper x4

Spicy Pepper Seeds x2

1 Hour and 40 Minutes

You can also occasionally obtain seeds when tilling soil or harvesting maturing crops, and some quests reward them, such as Gardening 101 for example.

How To Get More Soil Plots

Player character in Badruu's Gardening Guild Store inventory and showing purchased soil plots in Palia.

After your first two Soil plots, you’ll likely want more to expand, which will increase your profits and the amount of crops you can grow and harvest at one time.

In total, you can have nine Soil plots, with seven of them being purchased. To get more, you’ll need to buy them from Badruu’s Gardening Guild Store. You don’t need to level Gardening up to get more, but each one purchased increases the price for them.

Soil Plot Number

Cost In Cold


250 Gold


500 Gold


750 Gold


1,000 Gold


1,500 Gold


2,000 Gold


3,000 Gold

How To Till Soil

Player character tilling a single soil square on a soil plot and surrounded by mature Rice crops and growing Potato crops in Palia.

Before you plant any seeds, you’ll need to till the soil. This can be done with a Makeshift Hoe or any of its upgrades: the Standard Hoe, the Fine Hoe, or the Exquisite Hoe.

All hoes till the soil at an equal speed, but each upgrade increases the amount of area you till at one time and the durability.

Select any Hoe from your tool radial wheel, then hold the interact button over untilled toil, and you’ll begin the process. Each tile will need to be completely tilled in order to be able to plant seeds there. Occasionally as you till soil, you may find buried items.

Possible buried item finds include Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Flint, Carrot Seeds, Brightshrooms, Plant Fiber, and Stone.

How To Plant Seeds

Player character planting Wheat Seeds in a tilled soil plot in their housing plot during the dayin Palia.

After the soil has been tilled, you’re ready to plant seeds and water them. To do this, put any seeds you want to plant on your action bar.

Interact with it using left click, and you’ll go into a placing mode similar to putting down furniture. Each soil plot has nine squares on it and each square can have one seed planted. Each time you go to plant a seed, you’ll see a preview of the fully grown crop which shows you where the seed will be planted and how many squares it will take up.

Most crops will take up one square but Blueberry Bush Seeds and Spicy Pepper Seeds take up four squares in a plot. Apple Tree Seeds take up nine squares in a plot.

How To Water Crops

Player character watering seven plants at once with a Fine Watering Can at their housing plot in Palia.

Once a seed is planted, you’ll see a transparent bar above it. You’ll need to use the Watering Can to pour water on it until that bar is filled.

If the bar is full, the plant is considered fully watered, but if it isn’t full, the plant won’t grow. Crops will need to be watered once a day and their water level resets at six am.

Select the Watering Can from your tool radial wheel and hold down left click to pour water. After watering a certain amount of plants, you’ll also need to refill your watering can, which can be done at any body of water, such as the pond on your housing plot.

Like the Hoe, your Watering Can has three upgrades to its past Makeshift: the Standard Watering Can, Fine Watering Can, and the Exquisite Watering Can. Each upgrade increases the amount of plants watered simultaneously and increases the amount of water held, as well as the durability.

How To Weed Plants

Player character standing next to a growing crop with a weed on it and the option to weed it is above the crop in Palia.

Each day, your plants have a small chance to grow a weed on them unless they have either WeedBlock Fertilizer on them or the Weed Prevention crop buff. Plants with weeds on them will not continue to grow and cannot be watered. Weeds can be removed, and in return you’ll get one Knapweed.

Knapweed is sometimes a wanted weekly item for characters like Najuma, and is a liked item for Chayne and Reth. Weeding plants also count towards the Weed Whacker accomplishments.

Despite being a junk item, Knapweed is worth 10 Gold. Early on, saving and selling weeds can provide small amounts of Gold as you work up to larger profits.

How To Get And Apply Fertilizer To Plants

Player character standing in a soil plot and adding HarvestBoost Fertilizer onto Rice and Potato plants in Palia.

Alongside crop bonuses, you can also apply Fertilizer to your garden to provide positive effects to a crop and make your Gardening easier. Like with planting seeds, you’ll need to have it on your action bar, scroll onto it, then left-click to activate placing mode.

There are five types of Fertilizer available in the game: QualityUp Fertilizer, HydroPro Fertilizer, SpeedyGro Fertilizer, WeedBlock Fertilizer, and HarvestBoost Fertilizer. Each type provides a buff to a single plot square, and multiple Fertilizers of a single type can be stacked on a plot square to lengthen the effect until it runs out.

Plot squares with Fertilizer on them will have several large, pink ovals on them and those with multiple stacked Fertilizers on them will glow a light pink and have a circular effect that appears periodically.

Crop buffs and Fertilizer that share the same buff cannot be stacked, and only one will count.

For example, if you put QualityBoost Fertilizer on a Tomato Plant and have Rice planted next to it, the Tomato will only have one Quality Up effect active.

Fertilizer Type

How To Obtain It


QualityUp Fertilizer

Produced in a Worm Farm or purchased from Badruu’s Gardening Guild store after reaching Gardening level four.

Improves a crop’s quality.

HydroPro Fertilizer

Purchased from Zeki’s General Store in sets of 20.

Prevents crops from needing water.

SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Produced in a Glow Worm Farm or purchased from Badruu’s Gardening Guild store after reaching Gardening level ten.

Increases a crop’s growth speed.

WeedBlock Fertilizer

Purchased from Zeki’s General Store in sets of 20.

Prevents weeds from growing on a crop.

HarvestBoost Fertilizer

Produced in a Worm Farm or purchased from Badruu’s Gardening Guild store after reaching Gardening level ten.

Increases number of crops obtained when harvesting.

How To Activate Crop Buffs

Player character standing at several filled soil plots and examining the plants which is displaying various crop buffs over them in Palia.

Even if you don’t have any Fertilizer, you can still make Gardening easier via the use of crop buffs. Each seed type you plant has its own buff that it can apply to crops planted directly next to it.

For example, planting Wheat or Rice next to another plant would give it the Harvest Boost buff, which increases the amount of crops harvested from the mature plant.

Like Fertilizer, these buffs can reduce the need to water plants, increase crops harvested, or boost the quality of a crop.

Crop Type

Crop Buff Given


Weed Prevention


Weed Prevention


Water Retention


Water Retention


Harvest Boost


Harvest Boost


Quality Boost


Harvest Boost

Spicy Pepper

Quality Boost


Growth Boost


Growth Boost

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