How To Finish Repairs At The Eye In Starfield

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Running around to collect special Artifacts is what drives the main story in Starfield, but things start to go sideways when the Starborn get involved. Though you and your other Constellation members are dedicated to investigating the Artifacts’ mysteries, the Starborn become a looming threat that hangs over everyone.



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After completing the “Further Into The Unknown” main quest, talking to Vladimir will initiate “Short Sighted.” Going in line with its name, this quest is short and sweet.

Help With Repairs At The Eye

Left, Sarah working on repairs at The Eye. Right, Andreja working on repairs at the Eye.

When you talk to Vladimir, he will mention that the Eye floating in orbit above Jemison could do with some repairs, especially in the event of an attack from an unknown enemy. Hop in your ship, and make your way up into the atmosphere.

Upon boarding the Eye, you’ll need to check in with various repairs being done by members of Constellation. There are four areas where repairs are being done, and you can choose to do them in any order.

Repair Task

Who To Talk To

What To Do

Bolting down equipment.


  • Go to Sarah in The Eye.
  • Pick up a nearby wrench to automatically tighten up new equipment.

Welding new panels.

Sam and Cora

  • Go to Sam and Cora in The Eye.
  • Pick up a nearby welder to automatically seal the new panels shut.

Installing scanning equipment.


  • Go to Andreja in The Eye.
  • Interact with nearby boxes of parts to automatically install new scanning equipment.

Fixing the computer.


  • Go to Barrett in The Eye.
  • Access the nearby computer.
  • Use the computer to automatically test the connection.

The only repair work that is required to finish the quest is helping Barrett test the connection with the computers. Unfortunately, the communication attempt with the computer fails, and you need to report back to Vladimir.

Short Sighted Quest Rewards

The Eye space station floating in orbit above the planet Jemison.

Talking with Vladimir about the issues will be all you need to do to finish “Short Sighted,” and move on to the next part of the main quest, “No Sudden Moves.” You get several rewards for finishing the repairs at The Eye:

  • Experience
  • Mag Pressure Tank
  • Power Circuit
  • Zero-G Gimbal
  • Austenitic Manifold
  • Monopropellant
  • 4000 credits

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