How To Find The Valo System And What’s There In Starfield

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There are dozens of systems to explore in Starfield, leaving you with endless opportunities for advancement and engagement with the worlds around you. Some systems are direct and easy to get to while others take a bit of work. You’ll find that a few systems overlap, making it a bit more difficult to spot them on your map.



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One such system is the Valo System, which is somewhat hidden at first glance. Finding it is easier than you think, and it comes with a couple of bonuses, such as quests and NPCs on its planets. With a full system of planets and moons to explore, you won’t want to miss out.

Where Is The Valo System?

Finding the Valo System in Starfield

The Valo System can be found early in-game, with a recommended level of five, if you know where to look. Starting at the Alpha Centauri System, look up and to the right on the map. You’ll find it with the Narion System.

Jumping to Valo will take you to Polvo, where you can find Hopetown first. From there, you can traverse the system and visit several different moons and planets.

The jump itself is considerably small between systems, and most ships won’t struggle to make it in one go.

Like several other systems, the points for the grav jump overlap, so you’ll either need to move the map around or access Valo from the menu when prompted to choose between Narion and Valo.

What’s In The Valo System?

The Valo System in Starfield

The Valo System has the following planets and moons once you arrive:











When it comes to the Settled Systems, the Freestar Collective has laid claims to Valo, though it won’t officially say so on the map. Even still, there is a heavy presence, and you will be scanned upon entering the orbit of some planets.

One place of note is Hopetown, where you can interact with new NPCs and purchase goods and upgrades. Notable places to visit in Hopetown include HopeTech, where you can buy ships that were designed for cargo hauling across the Settled Systems.

While the ships aren’t glamourous to look at, they are hearty and dependable when transporting cargo.

This is perfect for adventurers (or hoarders) who continuously run out of space and have been looking for upgrades to suit their needs. You can also find new quests once you land, which will help you gain experience and credits.NEXT: Starfield: Mantis Quest Walkthrough

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