How To Find The Third Hiding Cleffa In Detective Pikachu Returns

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Just outside the Southern Temple, a few Pokemon are around in need of your help. These side quests don’t come with any direct reward in Detective Pikachu Returns, but they’re important for helping you discover every Pokemon in the game, and it’s also the right thing to do, which is enough motivation for Tim.



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One of these Pokemon in The Fabled Aurora is the small and loveable Cleffa, and it can be tough to figure out exactly how to help them – but that’s because you don’t have all the tools to do it yet. It wants your help to be reunited with its friends, and that means finding the three other Cleffa scattered around the surrounding area.

Where To Find The First Cleffas

Pikachu eating Shuca Berries in Detective Pikachu Returns

You will need to enter the temple itself for the first time for the Cleffa to appear, and then speak to it on the path leading away from the temple. It will tell you that it’s playing hide and seek, and that it needs to get back soon for an appointment – who knows what business dealings it has? It also tells you there are three other Cleffa you need to find.

The first one is by the Shuca tree that the Passimian fell out of before the temple was open, and the second is by the Yache tree over on the far right of the path by the lake. These two shouldn’t be too hard to find – they’re both next to the berry trees you need to open the temple doors, and neither of them is actually hiding at all. Our impatient Cleffa seems to be rather lazy.

However, we can cut it a bit of slack when it comes to the third and final Cleffa. Right now, this Cleffa is impossible to find, so you should ignore this quest and continue onwards through the temple. There are other quests you will discover in the temple itself, such as the missing Ursaring, but for Cleffa you need to clear the temple completely and then head back outside.

How To Reach The Third Cleffa

At this point, you can head back to Ryme City and wrap the case up, but before that, you should talk to Darmanitan and ask for a ride. As Pikachu clambers up onto its back, you can now wander around the map and break all of the rock columns with cracks in them.

You will see the fossil hunter standing by a small ring of breakable rocks. Break two of these – Darmanitan can’t fit through a gap of just one – and you’ll see Cleffa standing inside, easily the best hide and seek player of the gang.

Talk to it, and that will wrap the quest up. It’s also fine to wait until you’ve done the cave before talking to the first Cleffa and kicking off the quest, but just finding them alone will not begin the quest – you need to speak to the one by the temple.

Quite how Cleffa got in here in the first place is a mystery when Zigzagoon was struggling to even damage the rocks a little, but I suppose it’s small enough to squeeze through without needing much force.

Once you’ve found it, and the other two, the game of hide and seek will be over, and the Cleffa will thank you (or Pikachu, at least) and be on their way back to Ryme City. Once you’re done, talk to Rachel and head back to the bustling Pokemon metropolis too.

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