How To Find Aunt May’s Grave In Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 has a lot of heartfelt moments that happen as part of the main story, but with the city so dense and Spider-Man’s history so rich, you can find these moments away from the beaten path too. This can happen when you’re listening to one of the in-game podcasts, when Peter Parker or Miles Morales has something to say about the world around them, or when you seek them out. One of these moments is finding Aunt May’s grave, which nets you the You Know What To Do Trophy.



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If you visit this grave as Miles, you can stop and acknowledge it with a short cutscene, but you will only get the Trophy if you go with Peter. Likewise, you can find Jefferson Davis’ grave as both Peter and Miles, and both have unique interactions. There’s no Trophy for this though, with Miles’ equivalent being the science fair award he won with Phin, which nets the Just Let Go Trophy. A guide on how to discover the science fair award can be found here.

Where Is Aunt May’s Grave In Spider-Man 2

To find Aunt May’s grave, you need to head to the graveyard at the most northerly point in Harlem, off to the west of the map. It’s possible to fast travel to just outside of it once you’ve unlocked enough of the district, otherwise you’ll need to swing there manually. Thankfully, since it’s at the edge of the map, it’s easy to find.

Once you arrive at the cemetery, head to the most westerly footpath, so that all you have to your west (that’s your left, if you’re facing up towards the top of the map) is the road and then the water. Follow this path up and around to the first curve, then follow it around to the right. You may see a flashing button icon on a grave here, but this triggers inconsistently.

This icon is not for May’s, it’s for Jeff’s. However, if you see it, you should follow it. Once you reach the grave, head right for about ten paces until you come to a small hill with two graves. These belong to May and Ben, so click Triangle to interact, and the Trophy will pop in the small cutscene.

Screenshot showing Aunt May's grave on map in Harlem in Spider-Man 2

If you don’t see the icon, keep going forward after you turn right until you come to the graves with the small stone fencing around them. Turn left before these graves, walking parallel to the low wall, then take the corner to the right as the wall corners. From here, as you walk along you will see that small hill with the two graves on it. On the map itself, when you zoom in you’ll see a line of trees that resemble a sideways V, and a circular cluster to their right. It’s in the gap between these trees that you’ll find the graves.

If you visited Ben’s grave in the first Spider-Man, or Jefferson’s in Miles’ spin-off, May’s grave is right next to Ben’s so this may help you as you search. Miles will also visit Jefferson’s grave in the main narrative, and while you won’t be able to switch to Peter at this time, the grave will be marked with a pinpoint here, and May’s is right next to it.

It’s clear that May and her impact on Peter resonates deep with his character and defines his character growth in the sequel, so Trophy or not, it’s worth visiting to round out Peter’s journey as an older, more mature Spider-Man. But also Spider-Man 2 is a pretty easy Platinum and this is one of the Trophies you have to work for, and really, you’re all here for that, aren’t you?

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