How To Find And Use The Flight Simulator In Starfield

Soaring through the void of stars and asteroids is the pinnacle of space exploration. There’s nothing like flying your own ship in Starfield, though not everyone is familiar or comfortable with the controls. There’s a lot to learn for first-time pilots, from starting the ship to navigating the sea of stars. Thankfully, there’s a flight simulator available early on to help practice.



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You can run different scenarios in the simulator to join the ranks of the UC Vanguard, or you can practice for your own benefit. There are also ways to work around the simulation to give you an edge if you know where to look.

How To Gain Access To The Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator exterior in Starfield

Piloting your own ship is one of the most iconic aspects of Starfield, though not everyone will be familiar or comfortable with the controls. Having a safe space to practice can make this mechanic easier to learn.

If you want to test your skills or practice new techniques without damaging your ship or risking your life, you can use the flight simulator. This can be found on Jemison, in the MAST District.

When you follow the quest to join the UC Vanguard, you’ll have to pass the flight simulation. Head down the elevator to the Pilot Simulation floor.

How To Use The Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator interior in Starfield

Enter the flight simulator and sit in the pilot’s seat to begin the simulation. You’ll get to go through several tiers of enemies to prove your skill to the UC Vanguard, though only three are required to pass the exam.

If you’re looking to join the UC Vanguard, it’s a good idea to complete the higher tiers. The rewards will be greater, and you’ll gain valuable experience piloting your ship.

Becoming more comfortable with these controls will help you navigate later game sections.

There are six tiers of enemies, with each getting progressively more difficult to complete. If you fail, you can use the console in the flight simulator to restart the current tier.

There is no limit to the number of attempts for the flight simulator, so you can continue as many times as you need to.

If you exit the flight simulator, the simulation will be reset, and the progress for the current run will not be saved.

If you’re trying to pass the exam, make sure to clear the third tier before leaving.

If you’ve already completed the quest to join the UC Vanguard, you can still access the flight simulator anytime.

Where To Find The Simulator Admin Systems Keycard

Flight Simulator Admin Systems Keycard in Starfield

To find the keycard, you’ll have to hop over the safety railings underneath the flight simulator on the left when you exit the elevator. On a yellow utility cart, it will be sitting there waiting for you.

Pick up the keycard and head back up to the flight simulator. Sit in the pilot’s seat and wait for an enemy to appear. Then, leave the seat and head back to the console inside the simulation.

Accessing the debug menu in Starfield

From the console, you can access the in-game Debug Tools menu. From here, you can add different upgrades to make the simulation easier. With the keycard, you can access the Authorized Users Only option.

You can also hack the console to access these commands, though that requires taking a few skill points in security first.

It’s easier to take the keycard that’s just sitting out.

These options include Infinite Upgrades that persist between tiers and an ally ship that can help you take out enemies. While they are unnecessary to complete the simulation, they make it easier.

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